The Campaign for Riverside

Keep the Movement Going! DONATE Now!

Riverside is undergoing a RENAISSANCE and we need your help.

Help us in our 2018 Campaign to raise funds for upcoming Riverside projects:

Merchandise is available.

For $150 YOU can sponsor a decorative street sign!

You will cover the cost of the sign and receive a personalized mug honoring your support!

See below for available streets.

How to Donate

Checks made out to the "Riverside Renaissance Movement" can be mailed to:

Riverside Renaissance Movement

85 Bluff Street

Riverside, RI 02915

Donate through PayPal

Street Signs available for purchase include:

Riverside Square

  • Crest Ave - Purchase
  • Bullocks Point Ave (2) - FUNDED
  • Washington Ave - FUNDED
  • Lincoln Ave - FUNDED
  • Adams Ave - FUNDED
  • Monroe Ave -FUNDED
  • Turner Ave - FUNDED
  • Maple Ave - FUNDED
  • Oak Ave - FUNDED
  • Fenner Ave - FUNDED
  • Shore Road - FUNDED
  • Allen Ave - Purchase
  • Luray St - Purchase
  • North St - Purchase
  • Locust St - Purchase
  • Middle St - Purchase
  • Knowlton St - Purchase
  • River St - Purchase
  • East Knowlton St - FUNDED

Crescent Park Area

  • Crest St - FUNDED
  • Beacon Park Dr - FUNDED
  • Bates Ave - FUNDED
  • Sunset Ave - FUNDED
  • Clark Ave - FUNDED
  • Bullock Point Avenue (1) - Purchase
  • Beach Rd - FUNDED
  • Crescent View - FUNDED
  • Carousel Dr - FUNDED

Willett Ave.

**When you review your donation in PayPal, please click on "Add Special Instructions to the Seller" and include the name of the street you want to sponsor. If you send a check, please include the name of the street on the memo line.

The Riverside Renaissance Movement is a grassroots collaboration of residents, businesses, organizations, and public officials promoting and enhancing Riverside as a vibrant waterfront community where people want to work, live, visit, and play.

THANK YOU in advance for your continued support to the Riverside Renaissance Movement, whether it be in our time, volunteer efforts, getting the word out out or financially!!

We appreciate ALL donations (big or small) to help us in continuing to advocate for and improve our community. If you have any questions, you can email

The Riverside Renaissance Movement is a nonprofit that qualifies as a tax-exempt Section 501(c)(3) but is exempt from filing a Form 1023 application due to the current level of fundraising. However, donations are considered tax deductible. For more information, please see the IRS site on Charitable Donations.