P.O. Box 1065

Payson, Arizona 85547


Hello fellow 4WD friends! Welcome to our website! Here is a little information you might find helpful concerning Rim Country 4 Wheelers...

In August of 1997, RC4W was established. This club is established for street legal Jeep style vehicles. This club is not an ATV or UTV club. Our club is based in Payson, which is approximately 5000 ft. elevation right in the heart of Arizona. When looking at a map you will see we are surrounded by the Tonto, Coconino, and Apache-Sitgraves forests, all having reasonable access from the Payson area which provides us with some of the best 4 wheeling available!

Our membership represents people that come from all walks of life, many have come from many different places from around the country. They have diverse levels of 4 wheeling experience from the newbie to those with several years experience. We use our vehicles to get us to destinations that allow us to feed the Love of being outdoors, the Excitement that comes from being on an Adventure as well as seeing things you WON’T see from the paved road.

We appreciate where we live and where we play. Our forests are loaded with areas of significant historical importance. We treat the forest with the respect that it deserves, and in return it amazes us with beautiful scenery that feeds the soul and paints us a different picture with every visit!

We do promote safe and responsible driving on sanctioned RC4W events. If you can’t do it legally on AZ highways, you can’t do it here either. We stay on existing trails, leave no trash, and do our best to leave our forest better than we came. We don't leave anybody stranded with the agreement they don't leave us once we leave our departure place for the day. (Emergencies exempt)

We currently have runs on EVERY WEDNESDAY and also the 3RD SATURDAY of every month. Our runs during the week tend to be more 4WD like with nothing too crazy but most members enjoy a degree of Pucker Power that some of these runs can provide! The Saturday runs will tend to be more family oriented and scenic while making our runs available to those who work during the week. We also have one club meeting on the 4TH THURSDAY of the month currently at 6 pm at Central Arizona Board of Realtors, 600 E. Hwy 260 Suite 14, in Payson.

We also have a Facebook page which also describes the runs we do and also includes pictures of past runs. It is Rim Country 4 Wheelers.

Exploring our website will give you more information on the requirements of club membership along with the requirements needed for your vehicle to travel with us safely. Being a MEMBER will give you access to emails being sent to you on a weekly basis informing you of the destination of that particular week, along with the name of the trip leader, the difficulty rating of the trail for that day, and any historical information along the trail route. It will also inform you with current updates of club news. You will become member to the RC4W Forum which gives you access to all the other members to trade, sell and share information.

In closing I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and if you decide that our club sounds like a place you could call your 4WD home, always remember, JUST CAUSE WE'RE WANDERIN DOESN'T MEAN WE’RE LOST......

Bill Suk

2019 RC4W President