Trail Ratings



Trail Rating 1

Frequently graded forest roads. Passable by basic stock vehicles.

Trail Rating 1.5

Occasionally graded forest roads. Some small rocks and small ledges (less than 6”.) Passable by most 2WD vehicles.

Trail Rating 2

Ungraded track - 4WD required by most vehicles. Rocks and ledges (less than 9”.) Sand washes or water crossings may be present.

Trail Rating 2.5

Rugged track - 4WD required (low range on some vehicles.) (A more flexible suspension starts being useful at this difficulty level - spring lift or sway bar disconnect.) Rocks and ledges (less than 12”.) High clearance stock vehicles.

Trail Rating 3

Former trails - Lifted vehicles with 31”+ tires. Driver skill and tire placement critical. Skid plates prevent damage. Trails are steep, off cambered and have loose rocks. Low tire pressure necessary to prevent tire damage.

Trail Rating 3.5

Rugged Trail - Basic stock vehicles likely to sustain damage. 32” tires and rear locker recommended, 2”+ lift and skid plated recommended. Very large rocks (12”+) present, spotting may be necessary. Loose and cambered climbs present. Tall ledges and sharp rocks require good clearance and protection.

Trail Rating 4

Challenging Trail - 4WD/low range, 32” tires minimum, lifted, rear locker, skid plates, winch. Huge rocks, extreme inclines and off cambers, water crossings to 24” deep. Mud possible. Spotting, winching and tow strap assist expected.

Trail Ratings above 4 not included for family oriented outings. This trail rating guide is not a professional opinion. It is for entertainment. We are not to be held responsible for damage or injury based on interpretation.

Requirements for trail run:

  • HAM radio. Trip leader specifies channel (usually ch 147.480)
  • Roll bar, roll cage or hard top
  • Seat belts

Recommended Trail Equipment:

  • Full tank of gas
  • Drinking water
  • Spare tire
  • Spare coolant, oil & transmission fluid
  • First aid kit & fire extinguisher
  • Tow straps, high lift jack
  • Cell phone
  • Maps &/or GPS
  • Never travel alone