Adopted Trails


January 2017

RC4W has adopted 14 trails. It is the Club’s job to maintain these trails (trimming, trash collection, and signage). The Club has the responsibilities of inspecting the conditions of the trail; such needed attention as required including brush trimming, tree removal, and excessive erosion or lack of signage. RC4W has the responsibility of correcting these conditions or reporting them to the appropriate organization.

Northwest Area:

1. Webber Creek, Road No. 74

2. Shoofly, Road No. 1171-1170 – 233

Southwest Area:

3. Connally Point, Road 1666-354-359-370

4. Lookout, Road 1661

5. Doll Baby, Crackerjack, Road 209A-209

6. Airport-Arrastras, Road 643-643A-643B

7. Water Wheel Spring, Road 598

Northeast Area:

8. Mayfield Canyon, Road 433

9. Lion Springs, Road 654-1623-1622-1626

10. Pyeatt Draw, Road 1602

11. Diamond Rim, Road 1593-1258

Southeast Area:

12. Little Green Valley, Road 893-656

13. King’s Ridge, Road 1625

14. Agate Mountain, Houston Pocket, Road 371-454