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QUATIC 2019 will take place in September 10-13, 2019, in the School of Computer Science, in the Campus of Ciudad Real of the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Rectorade Building - Campus of Ciudad Real (UCLM)

Ciudad Real (which means ‘Royal City’ in Spanish) is a city located in the Southern Central part of Spain, in the region of Castilla-La Mancha, which is the “Don Quixote” region. It is not easy to categorize Castilla-La Mancha, for it is a region of great variety and complexity. On the one hand, there is the ruddy red earth, the windmills, and simple whitewashed villages of the province of Ciudad Real (which encompasses most of the area commonly called La Mancha). But there are also the strangely sculpted cliffs of Cuenca and Albacete, the hilly woodlands of Guadalajara and the dark mystery and ancient cultures of Toledo.It is perfectly located for transport connections, as it is only 1 hour away from the main cities of Spain: Madrid (1 hr by high speed train), Barcelona (less than 1 hour by plane), Toledo (1 hr by car), Córdoba (70 minutes by high speed train) and Sevilla (2 hr by high speed train).

It is a modern city, one of the very few in Spain where you can forget your problems and have time to enjoy yourself. Ciudad Real’s citizens love the outdoors, enjoying the weather and people. Their hospitality and open mindedness make visiting this city an experience that nobody should miss.


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