Kind Bind

Assists with gift shopping from end-to-end, from gift idea brainstorming to tracking gift purchases.

Brainstorm and collect gift ideas. Capture them as text, links, photos, audio recordings or video recordings as you chance upon them.

Make a shopping list. Mark each gift with one or more intended recipients. Select them from your device's contact list, address book. No name typing involved.

Track your purchases. Once bought, check it off from the shopping list tab.

Review the gift list. Check your list as you distribute your gifts to friends and family to make sure you are giving the right gift to the right person.



  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To save and write photos, audio and video recordings.
  • RECORD_AUDIO: To record audio/speech for gift ideas.
  • RECORD_VIDEO: To record video for gift ideas.
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To load/display/play photos, audios and videos for gift ideas.
  • READ_CONTACTS: To get contacts information for tagging gift ideas.
  • GET_ACCOUNTS: To list accounts for getting available contacts.