Scan and manage your personal QR code collection.

Save codes effortlessly. Just by scanning QR codes with your camera.

Intelligent contextual action. Different type of QR code behaves differently when tapped: a Wi-Fi profile gets added to list of Wi-Fi network configurations; an event gets added to the calendar; a HTTP link opens in a browser; an email is composed in a mail app; a phone number starts the dialer; a SMS message creates a new message in the messaging app, a geo-location is centered in the map app.

Multiple ways of filtering. Use the drop down panel, or popup dialog, or the side navigation menu. Quick toggle to bulk select all or none. Or toggle one-by-one the traditional way.



  • READ_CALENDAR: Unused.
  • WRITE_CALENDAR: To add event to calendar from scanned QR code.
  • READ_CONTACTS: Unused.
  • WRITE_CONTACTS: To add contact to address book/contact list from scanned QR code.
  • GET_ACCOUNTS: To list available accounts on the device to compose email, write contact to.
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: To check network connection information (online/offline).
  • CAMERA: To scan QR code.
  • FLASHLIGHT: To improve lighting when scanning QR codes in dark environment.
  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: To list existing configured Wi-Fi network profiles.
  • CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: To add a new Wi-Fi network profile from scanned QR code.
  • CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE: To control Wi-Fi network connectivity.