Business & Productivity Tools

Codelection: Scan and manage your personal QR code collection.

Hushed Tones: Find out what others are saying by monitoring certain keywords.

MBuddy: Useful dial codes and shortcut for M1 Prepaid users.

Education, Books & Reference

Bookfet: Manage your reading list and book collection.

Scam Proof: Protect yourself against scams and entities with a shady reputation.

Well Fed: Keep informed and report on animal abuse and rescue. Seek animals for adoption from SPCA.


Cashtalyst: Grow your savings through fixed deposits consistently and safely.

Leaky Wallet: Track your spendings and see where your money is going.

Food & Drinks

Food Note: See calorie intake, browse food photos and get food recommendations.

Health & Fitness

Gut Instinct: Scan bar codes and track food product expiration.

Music & Audio

Chartbuster: Listen to legal, free-to-download chart topping tracks from Free Music Archive (FMA).

News & Magazines

Cyber Flash: Stay informed about the latest happenings in the cyber security world.

First Sight: Report fugitives, wanted persons, missing people and respond to appeals for next-of-kins.


Buying Binge: Check for the latest sales and promotions.

Kind Bind: Assists with gift idea brainstorming and tracking gift shopping.