Outpatient Therapy for the QCA
Treating Both Illinois and Iowa Residents

Quad City Behavioral Health Associates is committed to improving the lives and mental health of clients through outpatient therapy.

Your mental health is an important dimension to your overall well-being. Oftentimes, we all feel bombarded by the demands of everyday life: your workplace, your family, your social life, your health, and your own personal history all contribute to (or detract from) your mental and physical health.

Many people believe that therapy is only for those with "serious" problems and wait until things get worse or unmanageable before reaching out for help. Whether that is the case or not, therapy can be helpful regardless of how "serious" your circumstances are and can offer you the relief and clarity you need to move forward.


Due to Covid-19, we have suspended the self-scheduling feature of the Patient Portal. Once it is safe to hold face-to-face appointments again, new and active clients can use the portal to see which appointment slots are available and send requests.

New or active clients can continue to use our Patient Portal to make payments, cancel appointments, or send secure messages to their therapist. All five of our clinicians have available appointment slots on some evenings and over the weekend.

Give us a call at (309) 558 0258 and we can get you scheduled!


QCBHA is located in Rock Island, just off of John Deere Road and Blackhawk Road/46th Avenue in Rock Valley Plaza. Our convenient location is easily reached from I-74 and I-280.

4709 44th St. Ste 5Rock Island, IL 61201

Call us at (309) 558 0258 or use the button below to schedule an appointment now!

Weekend and evening appointments available