If you want to submit your system to our Codalab leaderboard, you'll want to:


We have a large, complicated system under active development. This is the system that we have used in our exhibition matches.

We have a simplified system that we encourage users to inspect or extend for submitting systems to the QANTA competition leaderboard.

Quiz Bowl Dataset

The QANTA tossup dataset is updated annually with this year's version being referred to as "QANTA 2018". These data are useful for training systems on the QANTA shared task. You can download the dataset at the links below, or use a python script to download them.

The QANTA dataset is based on the Wikipedia dumps from 4/18/2018. Since they are no longer available at the regular dumps location we also provide a copy below. For convenience we also provide a json file which contains only Wikipedia pages for answers in the dataset.

Qanta QBLink Dataset

The training, development, and testing splits of Qanta sequential question-answering dataset, QBLink, are available at

The data are described in a EMNLP 2018 paper.

Qanta Adversarial Dataset

A small test set (~1000 questions) of tossup questions that were crafted to challenge both humans and computers. Created using the process described in this preprint. The data has the exact same format as the QANTA 2018 data posted above.

Historical Data

Past data released by Mohit Iyyer.