Past Events

Our system made its debut at HSNCT in 2015.

We then played against Ken Jennings at the University of Washington later that year.

We then took on another team of top quiz bowlers at HSNCT 2016.

Later that year, we organized a community-wide competition and one of the best high school teams faced off against the winner of a computer quiz bowl competition, OUSIA.

We then returned to HSNCT to face off again against a team of top quiz bowlers.

We organized a competition at NIPS 2017 which was again won by OUSIA.

In 2018, in collaboration with OUSIA, we created a competition so that people could craft questions specifically designed to stump computers. Writers crafted questions that stumped our system, QANTA, and then played against OUSIA, a different, stronger system. Read the preprint for more information.