Get Involved

All of our planned events have completed! But we're looking toward the future. We're looking for groups to partner with:

  • Quiz Bowl Tournaments: Who want to use computer support to create questions that are challenging for humans and computers or who are open to computer entrants.
  • Machine Learning Organizers: Who are looking for an in-person competition to complement, for example, a workshop on machine learning.
  • Computer Science Educators: Who want to take part in a machine learning curriculum built around question answering that can lead to an engaging in-person event.
  • Corporate Sponsors: Who would like to support our educational programs and competitions.

If any of these apply to you, please contact

We're also looking for individuals who want to get involved in the following ways:

    • Train/mentor high school students to build/extend the system (i.e., serve as a coach)
    • Help us get the word out about these competitions (i.e., a media consultant)
    • Write questions
    • Staff our events
    • Help us import new information into our databases
    • Improve the system documentation and the ease of installation
    • Integrate our adversarial question writing process into the QB question writing ecosystem (e.g., in packetizer)

If any of these sound fun or interesting (especially if you're in the DC area), please let us know, and also join the mailing list, as we'll post volunteer opportunities there.

We're looking for an independent question editor not connected to Maryland in any way; contact us if you're interested. If you're interested in getting involved but have limited time, we're also looking for people to judge packets.