Pyramid of QANTA:

Making AI Stronger by Writing Quiz Bowl Questions

Eric Wallace and Jordan Boyd Graber, University of Maryland

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Our research group has been working on building computers that can answer quiz bowl questions well. We’ve beat Ken Jennings, we narrowly beat a team of quiz bowl all-stars at HSNCT 2017, and Studio OUSIA soundly defeated the best possible quiz bowl team we could assemble at NIPS last year. You might think that computers are pretty smart, right?

You’d be wrong. Quiz bowl questions are supposed to be written pyramidally: harder clues at the start, easier clues at the end. The problem is that question writers don't write questions pyramidally for computers: they write questions for humans. If humans could write questions pyramidally for computers, computers would be in a whole heap of trouble, and look pretty dumb. Our goal is to offer a true test for how smart computers are.

Visit to write questions that are difficult for computers and submit your questions to the competition! (Tutorial video above.)

Contact Jordan Boyd-Graber for questions / concerns.