Question Answering is Not a Trivial Activity

University of Maryland, College Park

QANTA Project

The QANTA project is a University of Maryland research project that focuses on using question answering as a platform for research in machine learning and natural language processing. We build computer systems that be fairly compared against each other and expert humans based on a trivia game called quiz bowl. You can see videos of our previous events against top trivia champs or read about our system:

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QANTA Dataset

With the cooperation of the quiz bowl community, we compile datasets of questions that can challenge question answering systems. Read our preprint describing the main dataset. If you're a computer science researcher, this is likely what you came here for!

Human vs. Machine Competitions: Try it!

Think you could do better than IBM Watson in making a trivia-playing computer program? Download, modify, improve, and submit a system for our December 15 competition! Our system is designed to be easily extended.

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Question Writing Challenge

Given our past events, you might think that computers are pretty smart, right You’d be wrong. quiz bowl questions are supposed to be written pyramidally: harder clues at the start, easier clues at the end. The problem is that question writers don't write questions pyramidally for computers: they write questions for humans. If humans could write questions pyramidally for computers, computers would be in a whole heap of trouble, and look pretty dumb. Our goal is to offer a true test for how smart computers are.

Submit questions for our QANTA League competition to see if you can outsmart a computer!

Read our preprint about the first round of the competition!

Contact Jordan Boyd-Graber or for questions / concerns.