Photo of Public School 51 Queens Building


P.S. 51 Queens 87-45 117th StREET, Richmond Hill, NY 11418

Tel: (718) 850-0738

Fax: (718) 850-0738

Magdaly Saint-Juste, Principal

Bridget O'Dea, Instructional Coach

Tatiana Arboleda, Secretary

Andrea Kelly, Parent Coordinator

Tel: (718)850-0738, Ext. 1021


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Dear PS 51Q Families:

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to PS 51 Q and to extend a particularly warm welcome to all those families new to the school. I know you will find out that PS 51 Q is a great place to learn.

The past few months have been challenging ones for all of New York City’s residents, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope that you and your family are doing as well as possible under those circumstances.

Our staff and you want the same thing: the opportunity for your children to experience a first class education. If we work closely together, we can create a safe, nurturing environment that enables your children to achieve their potential.

Although I observe an open door policy, please consider that safety regulations may change the ways that we communicate. It is likely that as much as possible, we will be meeting via online platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or NYCDOE Zoom. Should you need to have an in-person meeting, we will do so while respecting social distancing rules. Also note that our parent coordinator is always available to assist you.

The year ahead will be both challenging and rewarding. Whether our school engages in brick-and-mortar learning only, remote learning only, or blended learning, our commitment to your children’s success remains steadfast. I am looking forward to meeting you at the variety of great events planned for this year and to working with you to fulfill Public School 51 Q’s mission.


Magdaly Saint-Juste



Public School 51 Q strives to create the best opportunity for all children to learn in a creative and nurturing environment. Our entire school community commits to provide excellence in education by developing a community of lifelong learners and critical thinkers. In an atmosphere rich with cultural diversity, we provide a program that sets the highest standards for our students while celebrating individuality and encouraging creativity.


We are working towards a vision where education at P.S. 51Q leads our learners to long-term academic and personal success.


Please note that the arrival and dismissal information below pertains to our schedule when we are physically at PS 51 Q. Variations in the schedule will be updated as necessary.


The school day begins at 8:30 AM.

Pre-K students are admitted at the rear door of the school, which can be reached through the school yard on the north side of the school, closest to Jamaica Avenue. Drop-off time is 8:30 AM.

In the morning, Kindergarten students will line up in front of the school near the fence, in two lines, maintaining a distance of six feet apart. They will enter and assemble in the multi-purpose room on the lower level.

First grade students will enter the school yard (playground) closest to 89th Ave. and will line up six feet apart along the perimeter of the fence.

Students may not be dropped off any earlier 8:25 AM. Children brought to school late must enter through the front door and must be accompanied by an adult.


The school day ends at 2:00 PM.

Pre-K students will be dismissed at 1:40 PM from the rear door, which can be accessed from the driveway at the north side of the school.

Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 1:50 PM from the multi-purpose room on the lower level.

First grade classes will be dismissed at 2:00 PM from the steps in the playground on the south side of the school, closest to 89th Avenue.

Teachers will release students one at a time, and must document who picks up each child. Please do not call out to your child to come to you. Only adults listed on the blue emergency card are authorized to pick up your child. The adults must always carry proper photo identification and wear a mask. This procedure ensures the safety of all students. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Your child counts on YOU to be on time for arrival and dismissal! If you are not at school in time for dismissal, you must come to the main entrance of the school and sign in at the security desk. Please remember to carry proper identification (ID) with you at all times. If you know you will be delayed, please call the main office at (718) 850-0738 to let us know.

Thank you for your cooperation!


All persons age two and over must wear a mask when entering the school building. The mask must fully cover your nose and mouth. Visitors will be subject to temperature checks and must complete a health screening before entering the building. The health screening can be found at:

Please follow all signage on the walls, doors and floors and maintain a distance of six feet from other individuals. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building.

Please do not come to the school building if you are feeling ill. Thank you for your cooperation!