Teachers as learners: Media supported collaborative professional development in the context of second language learning and teaching

Welcome to the first edition of ProPIC! We are very happy to have you on board! This is the course platform. Here you will find information about the course and relevant documents for our local context. This site is under construction and will develop parallel to our work.

What is ProPIC?

Front row, left: Azahara Cuesta (BCN) Isabel Murillo Wilstermann (KI), Laura Kringe (KA), Tobias Ruhtenberg (BO), Elizabeth Hidson (NEW). Back row, left: Jaume Batlle (BCN), Paul Seedhouse (NEW), Ulrich Hoinkes (KI), Richard Baldwin (BO), Götz Schwab (KA), Mareike Oesterle (KA).

“The proPIC Project aims at empowering both, prospective teachers and teacher educators to actively engage in lifelong learning processes and to cooperatively establish a culture of self-reflection, innovation and interculturality in foreign and second language learning and teaching. It is determined by the interplay between research-orientation, transnational collaboration and the creative use of mobile-technologies.” (Schwab & Oesterle, 2017)

A course framework

The partners of ProPIC Europa will generate a framework for a study programme that aims at promoting professionalism, innovation and transnational collaboration in foreign language learning and teaching using mobile technologies which can be integrated in different curricula. At the university of Kiel this study programme is offered to undergraduate and graduate students of English, Spanish, French and Italian. The study programme is proposed as an alternative to regular courses of Language Didactics and Intercultural Management.

Every partner institution adapts the contents and structure of the framework according to their academic context. In our local setting the framework is integrated into the course "Teachers as learners: Media supported collaborative professional development in the context of second language learning and teaching".

Communication channels

We are going to use Slack as the main communication channel locally and internationally. Slack will allow all course members benefit from shared questions and answers. Online coaching will take place in this platform.

The CAU e-mail will also be an alternative for more punctual questions, if neccesary.

Study week

The study week is a key component of the ProPIC project. As part of the study programme, the prospective teachers will visit one of the other partner institutions. During these study weeks the prospective teachers visit schools, get to know teachers and the teacher training system of the other countries and take part in other activities organised by the local students and teacher educators. However, most importantly, they will get the opportunity to meet and collaborate with international students and professionals. Hereby, they can present, discuss and connect over their own research projects, giving them new perspectives or even cooperations to continue their work at home.

IMPORTANT: the International Center at Kiel University recommends you to obtain an additional international travel insurance for your stay abroad during the study week.