proPIC Europe

——May, 2019 in Kiel

Annie's reflection

These three-day study improve my knowledge to e-twinning, a platform for teachers in European to work the projects together. The interview to Sabrina not only clearly demonstrate how does the project work but bring me some new ideas in future English teaching. Also, the introduction of the Germany's education system is pretty eye-opening for me as well. I can feel how different the education systems are in Germany. These information is so valuable and helpful. Last but not least, with the help of the discussion and workshops, I have more deeper acknowledgment to the project and all the things we do. Thank you all of you for sharing.


It’s been a week since I came to Kiel to take part in this proPIC project. I’ve learned a lot from this project and have some good experiences. For example, I’ve never thought that I had a chance to visit German schools and attend a seminar with some German students. In short, it is a good experience and thank you all of you for helping and sharing~~


In this week, I have learnt many new skills in technology, especially in video production, and I have experienced many new things. I experienced a new teaching system in Germany. Also, I noticed a new classroom atmosphere to teach a foreign language. For the first time, I saw the theoretical experimental methods mentioned in the book actually happen. I do appreciate that I chose to take part in this project. Thanks to meet you all and work with you.