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Theatre of the Mind

All narration, sound effects and editing produced by Brian Newberry, at Project Wasabi™, Hollywood, California.

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LA Dragnet


Synopsis: Beautiful, wealthy, loved by her family & engaged to be married, 26-year-old business consultant Lisa Paris is found dead - alone in her two story house.

Add to that - the blunt force trauma to her head, and the front door to her house left wide open - detectives Friday and Beltran cannot write this off as mere "suicide".

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The Streets of San Francisco


Synopsis: Detectives Mike Stone and Steve Keller team up with Fire Inspector Jack "Jacko" O'Malley to track down a cold-hearted contract arsonist.

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Candidate for Crime

Synopsis: After faking a series of death threats against himself - senatorial candidate Nelson Hayward (Jackie Cooper) murders his own campaign manager.

To throw off the investigation - the candidate stages it to look like the gunman intended to kill the candidate himself, but mistakenly killed his campaign manager instead.

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Law & Order

Big Bang

Synopsis: When a letter bomb kills a woman in her Greenwich Village apartment - detectives turn their attention to a mad scientist seeking revenge!

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LA Dragnet

The Artful Dodger

Synopsis: During a successful multi-million dollar jewel heist, one customer is singled out and executed for no apparent reason, and detectives Friday and Smith are determined to find out why.

While investigating the case - detectives meet a British insurance company investigator who attempts to manipulate the investigation to help her recover the stolen jewels. Friday also knocks heads with the arrogant owner of a private security company.

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Murder By The Book

Original TV movie written by Steve Bochco, directed by Steven Spielberg.


Novelists Ken Franklin and James Ferris have become rich as the writing duo of the popular Mrs. Melville murder mysteries.

In reality, James Ferris writes the novels while the smooth-talking Ken Franklin handles the publicity.

But when Ferris wants to depart to try serious writing on his own, Franklin thinks he's got a foolproof scheme to kill his partner and collect on the insurance policy that they have on each other.

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What Ken Franklin doesn't count on is a blackmailing witness and a police detective who won't be led astray...

Law & Order


Synopsis: When a car bomb is detonated inside the underground parking garage of a Wall St. Financial Building – the investigation leads detectives through a cacophony of drugs, banks, cathedrals, and a wild array of flavourful characters who leave lasting impressions…!

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LA Dragnet

The Big Ruckus

Synopsis: Police investigate the midnight murder of a wealthy video producer in a seedy downtown park frequented by homeless and drug traffic.

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Prescription Murder

Synopsis: After murdering his wife, a wealthy psychiatrist evades authorities, seeking help from his mistress, and an old college friend now working for the DA's Office.

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Law & Order UK


Synopsis: After Lunch when an employee returns to his work place at a vintage clothing store, he sees a gory blood bath - his co-workers & one customer have all been slaughtered by someone wielding a sword!!

The investigation leads detectives through a maze of health clinics, libraries, and cosmetic shops.

When they make the arrest - the perpetrator is full of surprises...

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Death Lends A Hand

Synopsis: When a private investigator threatens to tell a woman’s husband about her extramarital affair – she counters saying she’s going to tell him first, and she’s also going to expose the private investigator’s blackmail scheme.

The following morning LAPD Detective Columbo is called to investigate a dead body found in a Sylmar wrecking yard.

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Law & Order


Synopsis: Walking his dog late at night – a tall 30-something white guy is hit by a car killing him instantly.

But eyewitness testimony and absence of skid marks suggest this was no accident...

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The Jodi Arias Timeline

Written & narrated by Brian Newberry, this audible programme chronicles the years leading up to the violent murder of Travis V. Alexander by his girlfriend Jodi Arias, in his house in Mesa, Arizona.

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Grand Jury Indictment, February 2018

The complete 37-page indictment handed up by a federal grand jury in Washington amounts to a detailed rebuttal of Donald Trump, who has sowed doubts that Russia interfered in the election and dismissed questions about its meddling as “fake news.”

The US Justice Department filed this indictment against 13 Russians and three companies.

Ultimately - this investigation unveiled a sophisticated network designed to subvert the 2016 election and to support the Trump campaign.

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My Lai Massacre Whistle-Blower

available only on YouTube.

From the Wikipedia article, helicopter, pilot Hugh Thompson was the whistle-blower who exposed the atrocities in the My Lai Massacre in which a group of US soldiers maliciously slaughtered more than 70 unarmed Vietnamese civilian non-combatants as they were fleeing



Compiled by Christopher Steele (a former head of the Russia Desk for British intelligence, MI6).

Some details have been independently verified, and others are (as yet) neither proven nor disproven.

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