Commando Solo

The EC-130J Commando Solo​ is a modified C-130 used to conduct psychological operations (PSYOPs) and civil affairs broadcast missions in the standard AM, FM, HF, TV and military communications bands.


"Libyan Sailors, leave your ship immediately. Leave your equipment and return to your family or your home. The Qadhafi Regime Forces are violating a United Nations resolution ordering the end of hostilities in your country.

"For your own safety leave your ship immediately. Do not attempt to return to your ship."


"People of Iraq. The standard of living for Iraqis has dropped drastically since Saddam came into power. Every night, children go to sleep hungry in Iraq. The sick suffer from ailments that are easily treatable in the rest of the world."


"The forces of al-Qaeda are not Afghan—they are foreign invaders.

"al-Qaeda has empowered the Taliban to oppress the people of Afghanistan into doing what al- Qaeda wants the people of Afghanistan to do.

"Mullah Omar and other Taliban leaders are merely puppets controlled by al-Qaeda.

"Coalition forces are here to help the people of Afghanistan establish a government for Afghanistan run by the people of Afghanistan—not by foreign invaders.

"The United States and coalition forces have delivered thousands of tons of food and aid supplies to the people of Afghanistan. What have the Taliban and al-Qaeda done to help the people of Afghanistan?"