Candidate for Crime

Synopsis: After faking a series of death threats against himself - senatorial candidate Nelson Hayward (Jackie Cooper) murders his own campaign manager.

To throw off the investigation - the candidate stages it to look like the gunman intended to kill the candidate himself, but mistakenly killed his campaign manager instead.

Death Lends a Hand

Synopsis: When a private investigator threatens to tell a woman’s husband about her extramarital affair – she counters saying she’s going to tell him first, and she’s also going to expose the private investigator’s blackmail scheme.

The following morning LAPD Detective Columbo is called to investigate a dead body found in a Sylmar wrecking yard.

Murder By The Book

In the past 10 years, two crime writers working in tandem - KEN FRANKLIN and JIM FERRIS - have partnered to publish 15 award-winning "MRS. MELVILLE" mystery novels.

When writer Jim Ferris wants to split up and write on his own - his partner Ken Franklin murders him. Soon Ken gets a visit from a previously overlooked witness who blackmails Ken, threatening to report him to police unless Ken pays the ransom....

Prescription Murder

Synopsis: After murdering his wife, a wealthy psychiatrist evades authorities, seeking help from his mistress, and an old college friend now working for the DA's Office.