Certain Pirates have noticed the significance of an inequality in distribution of wealth favoring the so-called “Billionaire Class” By a rough consensus of sources, there are around 5000 people worth more than $500 million worldwide.

There are Less than 100,000 worth more than $100 million on the planet, approximately 5000 of whom are Americans. 5000 people is about the size of a game crowd at the end of the season, after a weather delay, watching a beLoved but perenniaLLy Losing team. Or the crew of a large, solitary aircraft carrier. It is not a Class except in unfairly simplistic interpretation of a primitive and simpListic model drawn in sand, composed of sticks.

Occupy Wall Street’s We are the 99% energized miLLions of people, and alarmed several million others. Pirates should proclaim solid unity with conservative, Landlubbers completely lacking

seagoing knowledge or Pirate Daring but Long in common sense and who knows what ELse.

Surely, even the most intoxicated, greedy, power hungry, reckless, peach hungry, fed up, impoverished 0ne-Eyed Pirate may question the wisdom of offending 3,500,000 people OR 10M, given how proud Americans are of their prosperity, when a few among a few thousand hold most of the wealth, no matter how glorious the sales pitch or alleged benefits of triumph.

The top 1%of income earning families begin around $450K or so I have heard. Perhaps it is $250,000 or even $166,666.66 and I am a blustery and reckless Idiot. These folks may send their children to elite schools, enjoy cutting edge medical care, have fine vacations, live in glorious houses, drive fine cars. All of that must be paid for. In the end, they are just on a more luxurious treadmill in better club, not lounging in a garden or jogging around a private lake, needing to shield their derrieres from politicians’ Noses, or controlling any Leash. Many are well known and admired as people who have achieved the American Dream, including the Lake and island owners at the highest end who use their income wisely, properly train and direct their Dogs, leashes or not, etc.

50.1% of Pirates prefer Cats anyways, not to mention those who bear Parrots. I have known Fine representatives of all 3 species. As an aside, Ravens can also talk, for those who had forgotten or did not know. “Nevermore” “ Donut?

The Activists among the Truly Problematic employ politicians and publicists to create paradigms and enact laws that benefit themselves and the few who share their common interests. Pirates should take it for granted that the holders of the oldest and most stealthily invested fortunes are not included in the Fuzzy total, leaving its accuracy moldy.

There is nothing worse than a miscalculation of $money$ except mold on a once Glorious Peach, delivered too late. This is why Peaches have not played a more important role in American History. Those of the Ultra-rich often hold the oldest, most primitive, reactionary political views, inherited like their Wealth from their Ancestors, or through corruption. This does Provoke Curiosity, as anybody who knows anything about Pirates can expect.

Usually their actions result from poorly considered,narrow self interest than an actual desire to wreck civilization upon the rocks. Rarely have passengers attempted a Mutiny aboard a Pirate Vessel, this being more in the domain of the crew should it become necessary. Others having whatever Vested interests they may in protecting or finding more Treasure might find the notion Questionable as well. I have proposed a precisely fitted ballcap or whatever hat or lid or roof or bullet proof glass ceiling any may like but Not Prohibition on inheritances of


I Dare and then Pray for those who would explain why this is too little.

Some Rant about the current structure, having no idea where the bottom is as they are being


He who calls a Pirate a Communist knows little of either.

He who calls a Chinese a Communist appears to have missed a potential joke on himself.

Do not call Russia a gas station as its Forests Burn.

I am an American and if you wish to call me one, a Pirate too.

I could go on but I have wasted too much Wind on this

stupid subject.