I created the McPirates site as a reaction to the political crisis in the United States following the acquittal of President Trump in his first impeachment trial, and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Perhaps I could designate myself McPirate1. I'll have to check to see if something similar is available on twitter. First off the grill, as it were, since I registered the domain and created the site, expanding and updating previous work,​​

also taking on certain over-cooked contemporary Burghers.

The purpose at launch in the summer of 2020 was to call attention to President Trump’s accelerating unchecked public lawlessness, enabled by some members of his administration and members of Congress. I demanded that he be removed from office by constitutional means and urged people to join me in spirit, not seeing any action available to take. At the time, Impeachment was still off the table, perhaps even lost in the kitchen.

Things got worse. The aggressive attempt to cripple the United States Postal Service in the summer before a general election could be nothing other than the prelude to a coup, from whatever direction. President Trump’s only responsible action on Covid-19, the push to develop a vaccine, was accompanied by well documented self-dealing on the inside, and followed by the horrific, painfully ironic, extended aftermath . I felt an obligation to call attention to the severity of the problem- no matter what.

Like the demand for Trump to be removed from office prior to the end of his term, the call for the Justice Department to act is growing more urgent as the sun sets. In any rational world imaginable to me, the Congress would long ago have taken action against members who were part of the plot. Some may wonder watching the wheels on these mid-ocean amphibious vehicles turn so excruciatingly slowly, what if there is a problem with their transmissions? Are they even in gear? Directed towards what shore? Perhaps add a larger propeller somewhere? Or a sail, maybe a Spinnaker, easily repurposed as a parachute should careless navigation lead off the edge of the world, though there would be nowhere safe to land.

Since I have a new website to work on, I have decided to attempt to improve my original platform from the year 2000 project internetpirate.com (it answers to other names as well, as does this one (though it is currently down so don't bother clicking). That site remains virtually unchanged and online almost without interruption. I consider it a significant personal accomplishment, an act of faith, an exercise in creativity generously rewarded in remarkable ways, none of them financial. More about that Here.

Some people assume hearing the word “pirate" in connection with the internet that hackers or hacking or illegal file downloading must be involved. Specifically regarding “InternetPirate" sans .com , there is no such person, or persona, and never was. I do not know who or what other characters or activists have been birthed in the last few years. my current only piratical designation or desired nickname may eventually be something along the lines of mcpirate1, as anybody can plainly see here or maybe link to above. I thought or hoped the ambitiously non-threatening “mCpirates” in connection with something online might attract like minded people. Most of my internet activity over the last 10 years has involved posting links to news stories on facebook, usually without comment. I fear much of the knowledge I attempted to share has been lost in the mists. The rest may still be available on my facebook page, though you would have to scroll a long way to find anything interesting. In the Future , I will be saving and sharing interesting things I Find right here on this site, on the soon-to-be resources page.

Hackers are experts in surreptitiously accessing databases, penetrating or actively defending networks, holding systems for ransom and so forth. Most of this is criminal behavior, unless sanctioned by some lawful authority, and carried out accordingly. Sometimes there are disagreements when activities are state sponsored, for instance when an action might better be characterized as an Act of War. If there are not innocent human lives lost, especially exceeding the tragic norm in other arenas, we might all hope the world will not be blown up over it, as spying is certainly among the ten oldest professions. In the end a permanent cyber-war is just another jobs program in the defense sector, so long as it doesn’t spin out of control. There a better alternatives for all, especially Pirates, as sensitive and interesting positions are reputed to require an unpleasantly puritanical lifestyle.

Anonymous Anons have been known to think of themselves as having p i r a t i ca l affiliations, not limited to preferred Halloween or Guy Fawkes day costume. Lacking an association with any intelligence or other investigative agencies, string -pullers, alleged instigators, protesters, their opponents, or assets of any particularly objectionable or desirable regimes, chat rooms or who or what else, I would have no way of knowing about that.

There is at least one way in which I have been anonymous. For anybody who knew about it, and also wondered who pointed cocksuckers.org at the NSA (and elsewhere) all these years, ’twas I. Aye. To make a point, not to be unpatriotic. quite the opposite, as I saw it. This was an important “weapon” in the internetpirate.com arsenal, and I kept it mostly on the dl, not in any way hiding, either. I occasionally thought of letting it go or selling it in a pinch. I'm glad I didn't. My pirate venture also involved securing other strategically important unclaimed, lonely island-like domains

(The N. Brainers),

named in honor of the greatest oil, pharmaceutical, and chemical corporations) to absolutely control and operate around throughout the storm over freedom of speech.

From a pirate perspective, early America was built on tobacco, gold, slave labor, and sugar. Had it been possible to ship wild grown ripe Georgia peaches across the Atlantic at the time, they certainly would have been part of the story as well. Anyway, few would argue against the proposition that America was taken and held with guns and heavy armaments, and all kinds of munitions. The oil, chemical and pharmaceuticals along with the above, have taken the country to greatness and prevail over enemies, and surpass friendly rivals too.

Like people, even though they are not people, sometimes corporations end up dangerously unrestrained, literally taking the law into their own hands by purchasing powerful weaponry: politicians and judges. These corporate pirate entities must be brought back into the fold, not demonized, especially the real people loyal to them, to be treated with extreme caution and respect. Somewhere along the way I came across a word that would grant me a great deal of leeway in the discussion: Fuck . Thus, the domains.

Pirates are historically Anti-Fu. that is Anti - Fuckist . Whether in the 17th or 18th century, or today, they are renowned, distinguished, and often predictably motivated by their vehement objections to being fucked with by Fuckists .

Although the term “Fuckist” may at first sound overly angry or hyperbolic in this refined age, it is quickly and instinctively understood, providing one of the reasons pirates have always enjoyed a bit of popularity, even after the smearing and self-inflicted damage. “Fuckist” refers to those who don’t play by even their own rules, who engage in public corruption and self-enrichment from positions of trust. They inflict lasting damage on the institutions they are supposed to be serving, harming uncounted innocent people. They are distinguished by their intellectual dishonesty, amorality, and greed. The top achievers most recently pose a threat to the well-being of the planet and continuity of advanced civilization.

There is no challenge more urgent than confronting the leadership of the far right, but those individuals are not out on the streets. There should be no confusion between the ancient Anti-Fu philosophy and the contemporary Antifa movement and their counterproductive, operationally insecure, primitive tactics. There might be other ideological overlaps with them, I do not know how widespread or relevant.

Obviously Anti-Fu is not to be confused with being anti-Sex or anti-Penis. Far from it. Due to the risk of misappropriation the term is not widely used by anybody with any sense.

F***ists do not include folks who play hardball by the rules and win a lot, though some malcontents may also shower expletives on them from the bleachers, or skiffs out in the bay. Incidentally, the most honorable of these players will sometimes change sides when they realize the rules are not being followed, or are corrupted, or forgotten. By nautical analogy to the latter, one might observe the fleet frequently running aground and its ships into one another or others, if not yet actually washed or blown ashore atop their own soggy, overly expensive service infrastructure. Such inflection points may produce powerful new allies, sometimes including experienced recruits and even leadership.

Fake and Parrot-carrying Pirates alike have taken public stances or actions associated with the Wikileaks and Snowden sagas. As with similar situations, I reserve my opinion. The only thing I am certain of is that I do not have enough information to be certain of anything, let alone try to convince somebody of some angle on it. I know that Wikileaks came to the spotlight publicizing an apparent war crime, also the subservience of the U.S. State Department to the interests of companies like Monsanto, and other legitimate problems. Did they expose something about gas deals in Ukraine? I don't remember. I find the entire situation appalling, the Physical and psychological treatment of Julian Assange somewhat beyond that. Similarly the treatment of the prisoners at Guantanamo, and elsewhere. I consider these long-running atrocities to be a permanent stain on the

United States of America.

Guantanamo should be a fucking memorial and not a pleasant park, which burns my pirate soul. On the other hand, we know little about it, and perhaps there could still be some Honor or secret Glory that was achieved there, instead rendering a paradisiacal resort for those still live FREE, as well as those who overlook them. Snowden alerted the world to a vast illegal operation, exposing lies to Congress and the American people. Of the aftermath, actual damage, or spy machinations behind the scenes I know nothing, like almost everybody else.

Portrayals and opinions of these men and their actions are sharply divided as to whether they are Heroes or Villains. Probably only a few people are privy to the whole truth. They might not be able to reveal how they know, releasable dossier too slim to present a convincing argument in that the most important page is too highly classified, the one that contradicts the conclusions of all the others with a key piece of intelligence, or acknowledges the whole thing is now a scheme to trap somebody else or just get revenge. I suspect this occurs fairly frequently in the U.S. Government with different degrees of criticality. A great example is the incredibly complicated, detailed, and research-worthy current public organizational chart of the U.S. Department of Defense, of which I'm sure the curiously worded prefacing letter and questionably blank page, and certain redactions are the only ones any ordinary person might want to know more about. the large-ish Mueller Report, etc.

Rather than continue arguing for another 50-75 years, I suggest all sides research for themselves how everybody got into this situation in the first place. It is possible sharp differences of opinion extend high into the ranks of multiple national intelligence agencies, to me an astonishing thought. Talk about being stuck in a crowd of pointy-elbowed, pointy-headed people. Yikes.

I have read that Pirate parties may have been involved in the so-called “Arab Spring” or other demonstrations somewhere. Unfortunately that is when baseball season begins, so if it is true I regret that I missed most of it.

Old school maritime captains seemed to wear their hats both forwards, backwards catcher- style, or sideways, if anybody else noticed. Hard to tell at the time in the dark, or today in lo-res. Pirate hats could look like anything, even a regular baseball cap. When it comes to people with

piratical reputations on the internet, it might be wisest to withhold judgement, especially when nationalist goals

are colliding like so many carelessly anchored

Spanish sailing vessels over what might otherwise be mutual concerns. Pirates have always been multinational and multi-ethnic in composition, hoping to work together apart on internally consistent principles and goals, for example some kinds of treasure hunting, broadly understood, rather than obedience to this or that

(traditionally) monarchist,

questionably legitimate,

zig-zaggy authority.

It follows that the finest representatives of advanced modern day shore-based online Pirates are less acquisitive, peaceful, not hoping to be labeled criminals, pursuing more grounded digital and real world goals in satisfying their grievances. They are probably ordinary in appearance, regular Human Beings, your neighbors and cousins, however many you may have...


to the matter of the critical situation we are in and what anybody can hope to do about it.

Pirates are a long way in time and resources from the glory days of Port Royal, Nassau and Charlotte, NC/VA etc. atop routes of looted gold, slave grown tobacco, cotton and sugar transiting on poorly defended ships easily seized from vile fools and incompetents.

Historically, there has been little incentive for an insurgent to run an internet-based, ultra low budget, write-in campaign as I once did, instead aiming for a remote seat in some pseudo-deliberative body. Sounds about as romantic and fun as cleaning barnacles off the bottom of a boat. The pay is not particularly attractive, and, should an unexpected victory occur, the pleasures of a pirate would not be many. One would likely find oneself in some cold and leaky stone edifice far from the ocean with nothing between the deck and the abyss but dirt, wondering how it all happened. It is near certain you will be miles of waveless territory away, and still closer than you want to be to whatever fruitless, vegetables & nightshades only stands that may exist. Pirates have a well-earned reputation for daring, however, and may for once have a truly worthy cause to pursue together with ordinary citizens. if nothing in no other way at all, which seems unlikely, pirates by temperament must empathize with those outraged americans and their frequent self -defeating conservative cry "just follow the rules". Our courses have diverged in our response to the situation. Pirates would rather go have a party or find some new treasure than be eaten away by our own anger at how fucked up the world is. Please remember this if you should suddenly see one in your dry dusty town.

Unfortunately, there are no pirates to be found anywhere near the Lost Coast, in Kennebunkport, or on the dunes of Cape Cod, let alone the waterier than before lowlands of southern Virginia.

The windy Carolinas with their glorious waves and beaches are less welcoming than back in the day. Georgia is practically already a pitched battle, politically speaking, I think. Quite frankly, I am afraid to know. I can’t imagine outsider wanting to be involved in any way except to dash in, get some peaches, then quickly go home.

Florida may soon rejoin the ocean, and the entire swampy southern coast has become inhospitably hot and muggy even for pirates, except those who might like to go about in practically nothing. Texas is to be avoided no matter what, except by the most very daring. The rewards are allegedly commensurate with the risk. Many pirates would rather go through the Straits of Magellan than to cross Texas from Galveston on the way to California. The only time I have ever seen a pirate and a stetson wearing Texan together was a Gay couple at a Halloween party a long time ago, everybody thought it was hilarious because it was so incongruous. Let the Texans look after themselves, as they always have so well.

The oily over-crowded ocean and shores from Orange County to Malibu and then from Monterey to

Half Moon Bay and beyond are held by powerful opponents, though there may be friends there as well.. I have heard faint, possibly imaginary whispers of pirate friendly lands completely omitted from most political lore, with people descended from real pirates, possibly near present day Door County, Wisconsin, the Mackinac Islands (probably near the Straits), or along the shores of Lake Erie. That last rumor does not seem believable for many reasons.

Many a reputation has been ruined or sullied in

New Orleans, so it is ironic that it is the site of pirates’ greatest glory. It probably cannot be saved again.

The map is what it is, more or less as presented, though sometimes maps are wrong or incomplete. If yours gets marked up with bold arrows and swooshes and x’s, do not let anybody else see it, as have I, many a time.

Learn to find True North.

Make another Map that looks different regardless whether anybody unauthorized sees it, but don't get them confused yourself, as has happened to me many a time. I certainly do not want to sound the least bit negative, as I sense an opportunity.

Those who call a Chinese a Chinese a Communist invite a joke upon themselves. Those who call a Pirate one as well know little of either.

Those who call Russians Communists or Socialists have Missed the Boat, it sailed long ago. Do not call Russia a Gas Station while its Forests burn. Russia has too few Warm Water Ports for Pirates, it is a better place to go Skiing on Fine Frozen flakes of water, or it once was.

I am an American, and if you want, a Pirate, Mutineer, Buccaneer, Raider, or Counter- Hijacker as well. You may call me “the” internet pirate if you Fucking must. I prefer not. it insults my crew.

Dangerous to All Enemies

they are Sea Dogs & Piratical Curs

From my extreme, remote perspective the description seems overly broad, poorly defined. Particular People who stand in the way my of desire for deep friendly bonds with either excellent nation will not farewell.

To the best of my knowledge, neither harbors large numbers of Fourth Reichists, since, with our help, the Third was militarily crushed A LONG TIME AGO. The problems between Russia and Ukraine appear to resemble some from the Civil War that divided our American family. I would personally be extremely happy to be of assistance any way I can.

Among the many things pirates are famous for are bluster and blowing smoke, usually when trying to bluff, hide or get away. Less known are a few untold instances of defeatism, Idiots who stopped digging

5.95 inches of Dirt from

Fabulous riches, or let a treasure ship pass, overly fearful of a non-existent escort. In the most negligent cases these future noosehangers failed to recognize an incompetently or unhappily crewed ship that might have become a prize as well.

It is a difFicult situation. Enough of this Wind! I intend to set Sail,

and suggest others do the same.

To Be Continued.....