Power Wind Pro
Estimated Power for Cycling and Running


Is a zone based multi-field app for climbing and time trial specialists, performance and racing. With an estimated power calculation, and a 20 variables algorithm, it is similar to Strava. It uses GPS, cadence and speed sensor, wind speed and air density, rolling resistance and air drag coefficients, when power meter is not present. It has a 10% margin error on direct power and  5% on avg power tested with a Garmin Vector. It is compatible with STRAVA , WKO5 , Training Peaks , Golden Cheetah

 and now Elevate


Is a zone based data field for running, treking, hiking and XC ski. With estimated power calculation an a 20 variables algorithm it gives you the equivalent of consumed calories from cycling to running. It uses GPS, cadence and speed sensor, wind speed and air density, terrain type and air drag coefficients.

This app is done thinking in the planet: the use of a real power meter in cycling is expensive and uses batteries that have a certain lifespan and then become trash, making you purchase a new set. This application, on the other hand, can be used by youth cycling teams or bay athletes that own a Garmin but don't want to either keep buying batteries for a power meter, or choose not to buy one, for economical issues or other.

This software is pre-loaded with a STANDARD LICENSE serial number with NO limitations for all our apps and if you would like to upgrade to PRO LICENSE you can DONATE $ 3 USD and get these new FEATURES


PowerBikeWind and PowerRunWind use the basic algorithm to calculate POWER with WIND analisys, TSS, IF, VI and VO2 Max included.

PowerBikeField and PowerRunField use the algorithm without wind analysis but with complete data fields such as HRM, CAD, GPS, TOD, LAP, HEADING, CALORIES.

PowerBikeLite has the basic fields without power calculations: HRM, CAD, GPS, TOD, LAP, DISTANCE, ELAPSED TIME, ALTITUDE, TOTAL ASCENT.

A Prioritizes Avg Speed and Power on screen.
L Prioritizes Lap Speed and Power on screen.
TT is Time Trial specialist version and has speed and vam meters together with a media signal.
CL is CLimber Specialist  version and has speed and vam meters separate.
LT is the LiTe version that uses less memory without power calculations.
TRK is the running TReKing version and has speed and vam meters separate.
LRD Is the Long Running Road version and has speed and vam meters together
WIND Has wind and heading compass graphics.

PRO Versions PowerEdgePro, PowerBikePro and PowerRunPro are for 124k memory Garmin devices and include all features above and CADENCE PRO, VAMO PRO, POWER PEDAL BALANCE, WIND calculations and POWER PRO ALGORITHMS

PowerBikeField and LT is designed to work as 2 data fields on same profile for memory optimization.

[ PowerBikeField + PowerBikeLt ] on same profile for EDGE 520, 820, 520 Plus, 530, 830, 540, 840, 130, 130 Plus, low memory configuration

[ PowerBikeField2 + PowerBikeLt2 ] on same profile for EDGE 520, 820, 520 Plus, 530, 830, 540, 840, 130, 130 Plus low memory configuration

[ PowerBikePro1 + PowerBikePro2 ] on different profile for EDGE 520Plus, 820, 530, 830, 540, 840,1000, 1030, 1030 Plus,1040 for 2 Bike configuration

[ PowerBikeField   + PowerBikeField2 ] for EDGE 520, 820, 520Plus, 530, 830, 1000, 1030, 1030 Plus, 1040 for 2 Bike configuration

See compatiblity chart on INSTALLATION

You can check all Datafields and Watchfaces here:


New features! new STRAVA power compatibility, now you can have the STRAVA power analysis as Training Peaks and WKO, also EF, W´BAL and CADENCE PRO algorithms for the WKO integration visit this link: WKO Compatiblity Dashboard Instalation

New Wind Charts and Graphics
New Optimized Wind Calculations
New On Tap changes mode
New Lap Speed
New Battery Graphics

For Latest updates fixes Visit this link


How can I improve the accuracy?
Power calculations require speed and cadence sensor on bike and data 1 second recording instead of smart. Verification of speed sensor us used to record speed. It is recommended to use GPS on Galileo or Glonass, Barometric Altimeter garmins have better calculations and and you can also improve using manual calibration use on your most commonly used segments. https://support.garmin.com/en-GB/?faq=FhOYuggxmV6Atph276U4h8

How can i improve Power Calculations
Set your weight and height on your profile and change settings according with your equipment and ride style.

How can i calibrate if i have a Power Meter Updated!
If you have a power meter you can calibrate settings with LAP values. These values are always calculated by an algorithm so you can compare them and make adjustments on flats and climbs segments for a better accuracy.

Why L POWER goes to zero when i stop for some time?
Lap power calculates zeros unless you chose auto pause in profile settings.

Why Training Peaks or Strava Shows different average values
When using auto pause it do not calculates zeroes be aware of that.

Can I use PBW on 2 bikes with different settings?
Yes you can combine Power Bike Field with Power Bike Pro for using in 2 bikes. See the configuration page.

Can I use the PRO serial in 2 apps?
Yes, but it has to be on different profiles because Garmin only supports 16 FIT recording files.

Can change data fields?

No, but you can add fields on with alternate LT apps on small screen apps.

Why does it show me different screens when starting data field?
Power Wind Pro Apps scans your device first and It will show different screens depending on your screen size, memory device and the sensors or mobile present. C POWER is shown when Power Meter is not connected and Calories is shown when Mobile is not connected, Wind and Temperature are shown only on 3.2 Devices.

What do I do if an IQ icon is shown  in the starting page?
Some Garmin devices need to restart before using the app, and all apps work better if you restart Garmin before use or you have too many apps with fit contributions on same profile in that case deactivate LICENSE

Why doesn't it allow me to input decimal numbers on PBW and PRW?

The apps need the latest Garmin Connect, Garmin IQ App and Garmin Express versions.

Uninstall and reinstall app and change settings with Garmin express

Why VO2 Max do not update may overall VO2 Max on garmin connect?
This settings may be in the future because developers do not have access for modifying your profile.

How to calibrate my FTP setting
For calibrate FTP setting in my apps you need to do a 30 minute effort and if your FTT goes over 20 then your FTP setting is low, if your FTT goes below 20 your FTP setting is high, when you have the the FTP calibrated the FTT should be in 20 minute +- 10% and it should give you the correct color zones, another way is measure your effort in yellow zone, if it is easy to be in yellow zone then the FTP is low, and if you can get the yellow zone the FTP setting is high

I can not unistall a datafield or watchface
The datafield or watchface must not be active when you try to uninstall

If you have any more questions, please email me at xuxumatu@gmail.com