IPTRN Publications

IPTRN members are actively involved in cutting-edge research on polar tourism. Below are a selection of publications written by IPTRN members.

Conference Proceedings

Six conferences have already been held, usually involving community workshops where participants’ insights are brought to bear on local tourism issues. Each conference has an academic publication associated with it. The first six conferences and associated publications were:

2018: 6th IPTRN conference and community tour - Whitehorse/Dawson City, Canada

Publication: Special Issue of Journal of Tourism Futures

2016: 5th IPTRN conference and community workshop - Akureyri/Raufarhöfn, Iceland

Publication: Special Issue of Resources

2014: 4th IPTRN conference – Christchurch/Akaroa, New Zealand

Publication: Special Issue of The Polar Journal

2012: 3rd IPTRN conference and community workshop - Nain, Canada

Publication: From Talk to Action: How Tourism is Changing the Polar Regions

2010: 2nd IPTRN conference - Abisko, Sweden

Publication: New Issues in Polar Tourism

2008: 1st IPTRN conference and community workshop - Montreal/Kangiqsujuaq, Canada

Publication: Polar Tourism: A Tool for Regional Development

Other Publications

There are a number of other publications on polar tourism listed below. If you would like to add any other polar tourism publications please email us (iptrnmail@gmail.com). We are particularly interested in review articles or research agendas with a polar tourism focus and all are welcome!

Stewart, E. J., Liggett, D., & Dawson, J. (2017). The evolution of polar tourism scholarship: research themes, networks and agendas. Polar Geography, 40(1), 59-84.

Polar Geography

de la Barre, S., Maher, P., Dawson, J., Hillmer-Pegram, K., Huijbens, E., Lamers, M., Liggett, D., Muller, D., Pashkevich, A., & Stewart, E. (2016). Tourism and Arctic Observation Systems: exploring the relationships. Polar Research, 35(1), 24980.

Polar Research

Maher, P.T., Gelter, H., Hillmer-Pegram, K., Hovgaard, G., Hull, J., Jóhannesson, G.T., Karlsdóttir , A., Rantala, O., & Pashkevich, A. (2014). Arctic Tourism: Realities and Possibilities. 2014 Arctic Yearbook, 290-306.

Research Gate