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The IPTRN Knowledge Commons page is where our members and guests share polar tourism multimedia resources, and interact on issues and ideas that advance polar tourism concerns, opportunities, and ideas.

Our blog features hot polar tourism research topics by cool polar scientists and practitioners. Our latest blog post is all about making tourism count for conservation and includes a nice graphic of the new Tourism Philanthropy Guidelines which are relevant for polar tourism!

If you would like to contribute a blog post on a polar tourism topic please email us with your idea ( We’d also love your input in the Have your Say Q and A space below. We’ll solicit your thoughts on different topics every month or so, and report back with a summary of what is posted.

10 Years of IPTRN Panel and Discussion

At the 6th IPTRN conference and community tour in Yukon, Canada, the Network celebrated ten years since the first conference with a panel session and discussion reflecting on the past ten years of polar tourism research and on where we might go in the next decade!

The panel was moderated by Professor Dimitri Ioannides and the panel participants were Associate Professor Emma Stewart, Professor Dieter Muller, Associate Professor Albina Pashkevich, and Associate Professor Pat Maher.

The discussion which followed the panel presentations was forward looking and raised diverse issues. Enjoy the video!

10 Years of IPTRN

Polar Tourism - Major Issues for the Sustainable Development of the Sector

At the 5th International Polar Tourism Research Network conference and community workshop in northeast Iceland the members of the Steering Committee recorded some thoughts on polar tourism development issues and challenges in their respective regions. The video was shared with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) at their Congress occurring at the same time in Hawaii, USA (September, 2016). The video was part of an IUCN Knowledge Cafe. Featuring Patrick Brouder, Edward Huijbens, Suzanne de la Barre, Dieter Muller, Machiel Lamers, Pat Maher, Emma Stewart, & Daniela Liggett.