Rural planning, design and development in practice

Planbussen (The Planning Bus) is a master's course in the five-year master's program in architecture at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is affiliated with the Department of Architecture and Planning, at the Faculty of Architecture and Design

The course deals with contemporary questions and challenges in different sized towns, and works directly and in close collaboration with selected municipalities, based on their individual situation and opportunities. The Planbussen initiative was first active in the early 2000s, but had its renaissance since the spring of 2022, when the initiative was taken up again by Professor, dr. Markus Schwai and Phd.cand. Erik Hofsbro. Together with the students, and through intensive visits and stays at each location, immediate project proposals are developed and presented to the local community. The feedback that the students recieves makes the basis and foundations for the further development throughout the rest of the semester. Finally, the projects are presented to the municipalities and the respective local communities, before the finished material is handed over and made available at this website. You can see all the projects from Planbussen here.

Upcoming collaboration, municipalities and sites will be announced here on the website, and an overview of the semester and our various activities can be found in the Calendar. 

If you have questions regarding the initiative and course "Planbussen", would like to participate, or wonder whether your municipality or town might be relevant for a collaboration, then please get in touch, either by sending a request to or to one of us directly through Kontakt.