Character skills, or "skillz", are capabilities a card's device or object may possess.

Skillz are generally always available unless otherwise stated on the card. For example, a character on a card having a skill that is only available upon entering or leaving the stream. However, a skill may be available alternating rounds, emulating the IRL complexity to invoke a skill or the time required for an energy recharge.

Invocation of skillz

A skill is invoked based upon half of the card's energy to enter the stream. For example, if a card with mend expends one current (3 sparks) and one surge (6 sparks) to enter the stream, that is an energy conversion of 9 sparks (3 + 6 sparks). Take the energy conversion amount and divide by 2. In this example, that would result in 4.5 sparks. There would be 5 mending points (round up when necessary) available for a single or multiple devices, or 1 Anhackronism character in the stream.

Available skillz in the CC3 (CypherCon 3.0) card edition:

  1. Breaker
    • Persuasion - the player of a persuasion card's targeted opponent indisputably loses a turn.
    • Pwn - for one turn, targeted device, or object being pwned is under the control of the pwner. Device or object card is pwned when the energy conversion of the pwner is equal or greater than the pwnee. Pwning lasts for one round, where it's consider to be discovered and remediated at the beginning of the next round. During a successful pwnage, anything goes, that makes sense. Period. Pwn can only be countered by Breakpoint.
  2. Builder
    • Upgrade - used to increase a single or multiple devices or objects. The number of devices or objects is reflective of the amount of energy required to enter the stream divided by 2. For example, a card the expends a conversion of 5 spark energy to enter the stream can upgrade 2 devices or objects or 2 upgrades to a single device. Upgrades increase the device, object, or character card by 1 attack and 1 defense unless otherwise stated. Upgrades are cumulative.
    • Innovation - used to combine two or more cards in an unintended manner. The card dictates how innovation is invoked. After you ask yourself the question you are thinking, respond with aloud, "It can go either way." Then make it happen.
  3. Fixer
    • Mend - used to repair weakened devices or Anhackronism characters. Mending is invoked based upon the standard invocation method described above.
    • Augmentation - used to combine two device or object cards while sacrificing one of the cards abilities by half. The augmentation skill is available upon entering the stream and thereafter dictated by the card.
  4. Guru
    • Containment - used to stop or slow down aggressive actions with no adverse impact to either side. Attacks are stopped when a card with a higher energy conversion is the aggressor but has been contained. A stopped attack is effective during that turn, but due to recharge latency, the card using containment is not available the next round. Containment can be used against containment defensively, with the same or another card. Rules on the card supercede rules defined within these pages.
    • Recall - used to remove a device or devices and it's enhancements from the stream and into the Trash Heap. This does not destroy the devices or objects, thus no Phreaker point is received. How the device(s) removed is/are based upon the standard invocation method described above.
  5. General
    • Resilience - able to recover one or more defensive point(s) at the end of each round by expending available energy. Resilience is invoked based upon the standard invocation method described above. The amount of recovered defensive points is determined by a die roll, flipping a coin/card/table, or any other means previously agreed upon by both players prior to invocation.
    • Vitality - upon the the first attempt at removal from the stream of this device or object, vitality restores the device or object to 1 defensive point for a final, unblockable retaliatory attack. Vitality also makes the device or object impervious to destruction.
    • Breakpoint - ability to stop an action of a device or devices for one round with a chance to pwn it. Pwnage is determined by rolling a die, or flipping a card, or asking a rando person, or etc.