Dedicated to show appreciation to those who donated their "spare" time to Phreaker Life.


HealWHans - Game Designer, Puzzlemaster, and Production Lead

Micheal Goetzman - Executive Producer and Production Assistant

PhreakingGeek - Hak4Kidz Contest Champion - retired

mauvehed - Production Assistant

Athae & Katai - Production Specialists


Brian "Koyn" - Creative Lead

y3t1 - Breaker card back art donor

Mar Williams - Fixer card back art donor

Mz Bat - Builder card back art donor

UbiquitouSingularity - Guru card back art donor


TheMikeConnor - puzzle contributor, game testing


Breaker - Jayson E. Street

Breaker - mubix

Builder - The Dark Tangent

Builder - HD Moore

Fixer - Josh Corman

Fixer - hacks4pancakes

Guru - egyp7

Guru - Jeff Man

Game testing

Crafty - Youth tester & box assembler

Ben - Youth tester

Max - Youth tester & box assembler

Ethan - Youth tester

Mr Pickles - Play tester

BurbSec - Community play testers

Venue Provider - The Chicago Clubhouse