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Discussion Meetups and Public Lectures

A good creative practitioner should aim to get a general Arts/Humanities degree and/or become familiar with its trajectories (e.g. aesthetics, philosophy, performing arts and history) as well as other traditions of modern thought (e.g. psychology, ecology, politics). Not having such literacy deprives one of useful creative tools, makes it harder to engage with the creative community, and limits ones ability to meaningfully engage in contemporary debates.

The best source for those wishing to loosen their minds outside normal course or personal study is Meetup Groups:

Note : The joy and frustration of many groups is encountering people with different beliefs and perspectives, but you should be cautious joining any group, as some members may be actively or dangerously close-minded on certain topics. However, always remember to be courteous when discussing topics you disagree with. No one persuades anyone by being rude, and your relationship with others is more important than issues over which neither parties have much influence.

iBerry provides links to many Open Education resources in the Arts and Humanities.

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Public Lectures

General Public Talk/Event Listings


  • Perth Philosophy Circle | Pub Philosophy - series of public talks at The Moon, organised by Murdoch University students.
  • Events at UWA - includes public talks on a range of disciplines
  • Institute of Advanced Studies - each year the Institute at UWA hosts or co-hosts public talks and other events by distinguished visiting and local scholars, artists, writers and public intellectuals. These events contribute to our goal of sharing current research, new ideas and encouraging discussion and debate within the broader community.
  • CREATEC | Weekly Seminar Series - ECU's Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications (CREAtec) provides a nexus for interdisciplinary research excellence. with weekly seminar series, research retreats and a postgrad symposium, incorporates the Spectrum Gallery Space.
  • ECU Lecture Series - annual lecture series
  • Curtin Events - event listings includes public talks
  • Notre Dame Events - event listing includes some public talks.

Other Organisations/Event Listings

  • Pint of Science | Festival - delivers science engagement, primarily through a national festival, that builds the Australian public's appreciation of science, contributes positively to combat inequity and negative stereotypes within the Australia science sector, establishes and supports cross-discipline collaborations, and celebrates and champions excellence in the Australian science and science engagement sectors.
  • Particle | Events - particle launched in 2017 as a science media brand that delivers creative, engaging, digital content designed to bring science to a digitally connected audience.
  • TedXPerth - TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Our event is called TEDxPerth, where x = independently organised TED event. TEDxPerth aims to be a beacon for all that is remarkable, challenging and thought-provoking in Perth, and to both celebrate and raise the intellectual ambition and culture of Western Australia.
  • Australian Academy of the Humanities | What's On - runs a variety of public events and is running 2019 Symposia. The Academy is the national body for the humanities in Australia, championing the contribution humanities, arts and culture make to national life.
  • Western Australian Museum > Public Lectures - event listings
  • State Library Events - some of the State Library's events are public lectures.
  • The Theosophical Society in Perth - the theosophical society is broadly interested in comparative religion, philosophy and science. It is open to a range of noble, benign and wacky occult traditions, but its prevailing philosophy is of the universal brotherhood of humanity.
  • Fiona Wood Public Lecture Series - tap into the expert knowledge of leading health professionals and learn about health topics relevant to you and your family at the free Fiona Wood Public Lecture Series.