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Western Australia

  • Let's Make Games | FB Page - the peak game developers organisation in WA, with ties to ScreenWest: Interactive and the Perth Games Festival (below). They post most Perth game events, and provide a list of Perth developers and resources.
  • ScreenWest Interactive - Western Australia's lead screen funding and development organisation, supporting film, television and digital production; its interactive wing includes games.
  • Western Australian Board Game Association (WABA) | FB Page - formed in 2007 and incorporated in 2008, the West Australian Boardgaming Association is a not-for-profit collective of gamers who promote board and card games through a range of public events in Western Australia.
  • Perth Independent Game Maker's Initiative (PIGMI) - PIGMI is a largely inactive but archived mailing list and blog aggregator for the community of independent game makers in Perth.

Australian Organisations

  • Game Developers' Association of Australia (GDAA) - established in December 1999 with the express purpose of raising the profile of the Australian game development industry both domestically and internationally.
  • Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) - an independent industry association representing the business and public policy interests of Australian and New Zealand companies in the computer and video game industry. Its members develop, publish, market, and/or distribute interactive games, entertainment content and related hardware.
  • Tabletop Game Designers Australia - advocates and facilitates Australian tabletop game design, development and commercialization, hosted by Alex Wynnter..
  • Roleplaying Game Developers of Australia - Our goal is to reduce the atomisation of the Australian RPG design community, share knowledge and work together in the pursuit of greater artistic output and greater commercial success.
  • Board Games Australia - a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 to stimulate the growth and raise the profile of boardgaming in Australia.

Global Organisations

  • IGDA - a non-profit professional association and a global network of collaborative projects and communities of individuals from all fields of game development - including programmers and producers, designers and artists, as well as writers, business people, QA team members, localization experts, and everyone else who participates in any way in the game development process.
  • TIGA - TIGA is the network for games developers and digital publishers and the trade association representing the video games industry. Our core purpose is to strengthen the games development and digital publishing sector. We achieve this by campaigning for the industry in the corridors of power, championing the industry in the media and helping our members commercially.
  • Game Dev Map - gamedevmap is a living map and catalog of game development organizations.

Developer Groups/Meetups


  • GameDevMeetup FB Event (at Yes, Please, Northbridge) - new events are posted to Let's Make Games.
  • Play Up Perth | Twitter Channel - supporting games & creative innovation in WA since 2013, Play Up Perth hosts games testing events.
  • The Page FB Page - a meetup of for game writers.
  • Game Foundry Perth (Cannington) - table top development group for testing early prototypes with other developers or people keen to help this level of development.
  • Potluck | FB Page - provides an intimate and welcoming space for artists to showcase their work in small and relaxed one off events.
  • Loading Space - developers co-op space.
  • Perth VR Meetup - looking to bring everyone that's passionate about Virtual Reality together. We're the premier VR networking event in Perth, running regular bi-monthly events covering a wide variety of topics, featuring guest speakers, round tables and access to the latest VR games and experiences.
  • Perth Unreal Engine 4 Meet Up - events discussing Unreal engine-related issues.
  • Android Developers - Do you work on Android apps? This meetup is for you.
  • Murdoch Interactive Media Developers Co-Op - a place for game creators and enthusiasts to come together to create digital and traditional games.
  • XR WA Association - a community of industry professionals and students working in the XR space in Western Australia. XR includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Simulations. Members are encouraged to share relevant events, news, and resources.


Indie Game Developers | FB Page - massive game group (100,000+ members) with resources for developers including employment opportunities.


  • SAE BA Games | Showcase - at SAE you won’t find yourself in a lecture with 300 people or even in a traditional lecture at all. You’ll be in a studio environment using industry-standard software like Unity3D, Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop, developing games for PC, mobile and VR.
  • Murdoch BA Games Art and Design / Games Programming | FB Page - concentrates on three main production roles : Production Artist, Concept Artist, and Games Designer. Each role has very different job requirements and the Games Art and Design major deals with all three.
  • Curtin BA Animation and Games - in this major you will specialise in the exciting area of animation and game design. You will explore the latest industry trends and technologies to create compelling experiences to engage your audience.

Player Meetups/Groups

[Also look at some game stores which host gaming events, such as Tactics and Goodgames, and events (below)]

Perth Games Festival 2015 Poster, by Hien Pham


WA Events

  • Perth Games Festival | FP Page - the major Perth gaming event, showcasing locally made games.
  • SwanCon | FP Page - WAs premiere sci-fi/fan culture event, with international guest writers with a robust boardgaming gaming stream.
  • GenghisCon | FP Page - targeted at university students, provides a cheap weekend of gaming and pop culture activities, with tabletop and digital gaming streams.
  • Global Gam Jam | FB Page - annual, global game jam event, currently hosted at SAE Perth.
  • XR:WA Festival - a 7-day West Australian festival inviting the public to immerse themselves in a new digital media experience. Talk with industry leaders, discover, and explore the world's most innovative digital media practices and technologies.


Interstate/Overseas Events

Local News

Australian News/Articles

  • Kotaku - Australian & NZ games & entertainment news)
  • Tsumea - games developers and industry site
  • Vooks - Australia's Nintendo community
  • Conkerberry - Job listings by Browyn Lusted

Global News/Articles



Pub/Cafe + Games

Escape Rooms

[Google Filter > Escape Rooms + Perth]



Arcade Cabinets

  • ArcadeWorx (Bayswater) - Established in 1985, Perth Arcade Machines is a family owned and operated company based in Perth. We have Perth’s only Arcade product showroom where you can come and test-drive our full Range.
  • Perth Arcade Machines (Malaga) - Arcade machines bring the fun of the arcade right to your home, and no one does it better than ArcadeWorx. Professionally cut using CNC machinery, your arcade machine arrives as a complete machine or flat-packed and ready-to-assemble, giving you fun of building and tailoring your own modern arcade machine.
  • Arcade Rewind (Wangara) - a family owned and operated business, supplying classic arcade machines to the masses.

Australian Ratings Systems

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