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Online Groups

  • Meetup > Perth - a platform for finding and building local communities, and highly recommended for getting in touch with a wide range of local groups.
  • Perth Creative Hub (join for access) - Perth Creative Hub is the place where Professional Creative's in the Fashion, Makeup and Photography Industry can connect. A Hub where all members have a common ground and can communicate, collaborate and Connect. Its a page for people of professional standards.
  • Perth Creative Hub (join for access) - overlaps with the above site, except it is for the broader creative arts, e.g. theatre.
  • Perth Creatives Group (join for access) - an uplifting and exciting space for creatives to encourage, inspire and create. Whether you are a model, blogger, photographer, social media strategist, videographer, hair or makeup artist there's always a spot for you at the table. This is a creative community where everyone is welcome!
  • Perth Creative Network : Website (under construction) - NSW based, but a large group created for visual artists who live in Australia (including Aussies abroad) who want to build their network, get paid work, and be part of a supportive and encouraging community. Encourages professional artists and students to get involved in conversations and share their work and events.

General Arts-Related Groups

[See each page for discipline-specific groups.]

  • Propel Youth Arts WA - the peak body for youth arts in Western Australia.
  • Community Arts Network - promotes social change through arts, with an emphasis on community, indigenous culture.
  • Art on the Move - connects art and place, providing exhibitions, training, learning, interviews, events and residencies, with connections to venues and WA Showcase.
  • Remix Academy - REMIX Summits bring together pioneers from different industries to explore the future of culture, creative cities and the creative economy. A unique forum where creative leaders from different industries can exchange insights, ideas and work together towards common goals.
  • ArtsEdge - strategic arts in education program developed in partnership with the State of WA's DLGSC and the Department of Education (DoE).
  • Cultural Development Network (CDN) - addresses its goal of a culturally rich and vibrant society by working to increase the expression of culture through the platform of the arts, libraries and heritage. We do this by building the capacity of local government across Australia to support artists and local communities and work towards integrated planning across all levels of government.


[Events for disciplines, including Meetups, are in each page]

  • Perth Festivals FB- at Perth Festivals & Events you’ll find out about any and all events happening in Western Australia. We’re here to spread the word and share out to our followers what’s happening. We also give away many tickets to those events so stick around because you could be our next winner.
  • Perth Festival - Perth Festival has been disrupting and celebrating Perth and Western Australia for over 65 years. The Festival was born out of the University of Western Australia’s annual summer school entertainment nights as a ‘festival for the people’ on January 3, 1953. Since then, Perth Festival has seeded and cultivated decades of cultural growth as the oldest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere. It is Australia’s premier curated multi-arts festival and one of the greatest in the world, known for commissioning major new works, celebrating the unique qualities of Perth and engaging diverse audiences.
  • Fringe World - FRINGE WORLD started in 2011 and has grown to become the largest annual event in Western Australia and the third largest Fringe in the world. The Festival runs for 31 days in the city's buzzing summer Festival season and is loved by the people of Perth and beyond. The 2019 Festival achieved more than 850,000 attendances and box office sales of more than $12 million. The entertainment at Fringe is about big fun for everyone, with more than 670 shows to choose from offering everything from theatre, comedy, caberet, circus and more at over 160 venues all over Perth and regional WA. Show tickets are great value and there's loads of free and buskers entertainment at the Festival's most popular hubs including The Woodside Pleasure Garden in Northbridge.
  • Blazing Swan - a week-long arts event held in Western Australia each year at Jilakin Rock City, a temporary city erected at Jilakin Rock lake, by the home of the Kulin Bush racetrack near the town of Kulin. The event is held around late summer over the Easter long weekend and was inspired by the Burning Man event held each year in the Black Rock Desert in the USA. It is an experiment in temporary community and art, influenced by Blazing Swans 11 principles of Radical Inclusion, Gifting, Decommodification, Radical Self-reliance, Radical Self-expression, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Leaving No Trace, Participation, Immediacy and Consent.
  • Emergence

Team Towns Movement

Some of the best improvements to Perth have come from councils (e.g. the Council of Vincent), artists and entrepreneurs, and, more recently, the town teams movement, whose principles are: Be Non-Political, Cooperate and Empower, Provide Positive Leadership, Think Holistically, Promote High-Quality Development and Behave Responsibly and Ethically.

Link to Brochure | Link to Story So Far | Link to Annual Report 2018-19

There are currently 37 town teams spread across 19 local governments in Western Australia, plus the City Renewal Authority Precinct in Canberra; the following lists those in the Perth City area:


We can be motivated as much, or more, by the worst than the best creations around us, so here is some space for some examples:

  • The Worst of Perth was a website that documented "the worst examples of Perth design, art, culture and architecture" and is still online despite no longer being updated. Be (un)inspired!

International Organisations