About Perth Creative Hub

Perth Creative Hub provides quick links for each major creative discipline. Its aim is to promote individual engagement with the creative arts as well as cross-disciplinary collaboration.

While Perth has a wide range of excellent resources for the creative arts curated by dedicated people, many are isolated by discipline and diffused through the web. This site does not seek to replace existing resources, merely to aggregate and summarise links in a convenient format.

Descriptions of links are, as much as possible, directly from the 'About' sections of the sourced sites. Similarly, all images are linked to the sites, organisations or individuals from which they are derived, and are unmodified except for cropping to fit the page.

At present this site is set up as a Google Site for the sake of quick updating. The side effects are that it is admittedly ugly and may display oddly on mobile devices, as Google Sites have limited layout functionality and no mobile editing mode.

The directory is intended for professionals, but is open to tertiary students (ages 18+). It will not be duplicated for use outside the site.

Younger artists, or their caregivers, should refer to Propel Youth Arts WA.

About Me

I'm Glen Spoors, a Perth lecturer and cross-media creative. I've taught in some form of Culture, Media and Design since 2000 across ECU, Curtin and UWA, and now teach Game Design at SAE Perth. I also run Lost Isle Media and its four brands (Coradel Press, Cheeky Monster Games, Korelai Music and Wyrdling Art) to host my creative work in writing, games, music and art.

I host and curate the site, but the only material benefits I get from the site are networking, SEO ranking for my other sites, and a handy directory if I need to collaborate with freelances or collaborators. The site is non-profit and not affiliated with any of the sites linked to, including the Perth Creative Hub FB page, which Megan King created in 2014. (I didn't think to search the name on Facebook when I organised the site and domain name in September 2019, but Megan was not concerned by the overlap, especially as she no longer lives in Perth.)

Please e-mail perthcreativehub@gmail.com to suggest any broken links, content, or issues.