Knowledge Tranfer Projects

Access to Higher Education

Description: This work includes co-developing (together with the OECD), distributing, and collecting responses from a survey that the project team plans to distribute among local stakeholders in Consultation Communities (CCs) being established by the project in different locations in Portugal. It will also involve organising and co-ordinating (together with the OECD) and holding (largely independently) interviews with key informants and focus groups in Portuguese involving members of the CCs.

Project under technical assistance of Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM)

Duration: 12 months 

Start Date: 01 Feb 2024  

Team: Pedro Luís Silva (coordinator), Maria João Rosa (Senior Researcher, expert in qualitative research), Teresa Carvalho (Senior Researcher, expert in qualitative research)

Transition to the Labour Market

(member of the national team in charge of implementing the Eurograduate Survey 2022  - Graduate Tracking Portugal)

Funded by European Comission, European Education and Culture Executive Agency 


Acronym: GTPortugal 

Number: 101074069 

Duration: 24 months 

Start Date: 01 Feb 2022 

EU Contribution: 68,500.00 euros (Erasmus Plus funding)  

Team: Nuno Rodrigues (Coordinator, DGEEC) ; Filomena Oliveira (DGEEC), Carlos Malaca (DGEEC), Rute Nunes (DGEEC),  Hugo Figueiredo (CIPES and U. Aveiro), Pedro Luis Silva (CIPES and U. Porto), and Ricardo Biscaia (Coordinator,  CIPES and U. Porto) 

Output: Eurograduate Report 2022

Financial Support to Higher Education Students

Funded by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian 

Duration: 24 months

Start Date: 01 Feb 2024

Research team (from CIPES): Ricardo Biscaia (coordinator), Pedro Luis Silva, Maria José Sá, Pedro Videira and Cl´audia Sarrico (consultant)

Funded by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian 

Grant: 10,000 euros

Research team: Pedro Luis Silva (CIPES and U. Porto), Ricardo Biscaia (CIPES and U. Porto), and Cláudia Sarrico (CIPES and U. Minho) 

Transition from High School to Higher Education

European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (1,100 euros) 

(Final report available here)