Research Grants

2023 - 2025 Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal

"Wage inequality: the role of education, institutions, and firm policies "

  • PI: Ana Rute Cardoso (ISC - UL, IAE & Barcelona GSE )

  • Co-PI: Louis-Phillipe Morin (U. Ottawa)

  • Co-Investigators: David Card, Pedro Luís Silva, Raquel Rego and Reinhard Naumann

Ref. 2022-01269-PTDC

2021 - 2023 Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal

"Dynamics of Inequality in Portuguese Higher Education System – Access, Gender, and Mobility"

  • PI: Carla Sá (U. Minho and CIPES)

  • Co-PI: Ricardo Biscaia (U. Porto and CIPES)

  • Co-Investigators: Ana Rute Cardoso, Louis-Phillipe Morin, Hugo Figueiredo, Pedro Luís Silva,

  • Consultant: Miguel Urquiola

Ref. PTDC/CED-EDG/5530/2020

2020 - 2024 Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain

"Inequalities: the crossroad of labor, education, and financial markets"

  • PI: Ana Rute Cardoso (IAE & Barcelona GSE)

  • Co-Investigators: David Card, David Leiva, Hugo Reis, Hugo Rodríguez, Marta C. Lopes, José Varejão, José Jorge, Louis-Phillipe Morin, Paulo Guimarães and Pedro Luís Silva

Ref. PID2019-108144GB-I00