ChristMixTape 2018

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Thanks to everyone who has been listening since 2007, TEN ChristMixes ago!!


01 - Pledge Drive - Christmas Rhapsody

02 - Bob's Burgers - Christmas Ninja Stars

03 - Reel Big Fish - Skank for Christmas

04 - Gwen Stefani ft. Blake Shelton - You Make It Feel Like Christmas

05 - Vulfpeck - Christmas in L.A.

06 - Buddy The Elf - Fake Santa

07 - Fountains Of Wayne - The Man In The Santa Suit

08 - The Dramatics - It's Christmas Time

09 - Bryan Adams - Run Rudolph Run (Live)

10 - Home Alone 2 - Naked Rear End

11 - Johnny Mathis - It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

12 - City High - O Come All Ye Faithful

13 - The Christmas All Stars (Rev Run ft. Ma$e, Puff Daddy, Snoop Dogg, Salt N Pepa, Onyx & Keith Murray) - Santa Baby

14 - The Youngsters - Christmas In Jail

15 - The Carpenters - Christmas Waltz

16 - Del Griffith - I Like Me

17 - Straight Lines - It'll Be Fine at Christmas Time

18 - James Taylor - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

19 - John Prine - Silent Night, All Day Long

20 - Home Alone - Stranger Danger

21 - August Burns Red - Home Alone Theme

22 - Peanut Turner - Merry Christmas Everyone

23 - Gabe Dixon - Don’t Wanna Let Christmas Go

24 - Aretha Franklin - O Christmas Tree

25 - Alec Duffy - Every Day is Christmas

Here we are again. As the 3rd best Beatle (don’t @ me) once said, “…and so this is Christmas.” And as I hit upload' on what will be my TENTH annual Christmas Mix Tape, it’s that time again where I write a little spiel about my year whilst trying not to humblebrag, like some kind of annual middle-class round robin where grown-up friends who grew apart for a reason pretend they wished they could really stay in touch more….

Man, that was an incredibly cynical opening stanza for this time of year, wasn’t it? Let’s try again:

This year has been one of the most transformative of my life. I’m making huge adult decisions and getting help with some of my issues. I feel like I’ve become trapped (somewhat voluntarily) under the ice for the past 5+ years, increasingly isolating myself from people and opportunities supposedly in the name self-protection, but I can sense a turning point coming and I think I’m ready to break back out of my shell. Also, I’m usually as aloof as they come about this sort of thing but it’d be a huge disservice to pretend like there hasn’t been one major factor governing my 2018 like some kind of planetary gas giant: I got engaged to my wonderful girlfriend and am moving to the other side of the planet to live with her.

It’s bonkers.

So bonkers, in fact, that I’m having trouble processing it or believing that it’s really happening. It feels like numbing hypothermia at the moment; I’ve secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to take this next step for years, both to meet and marry my soulmate and also to move to the USA, that now that it’s actually REALLY happening, I can’t quite feel it... Nevertheless, I’m sure it’ll be fully realised and understood in time for ChristMixTape 2019 🤞

I’m obviously going to miss my friends and family, and I hate the thought that I might be causing them that same feeling of abandonment that I know so well from my own past decade of watching friends get married and move away and generally grow up. Thankfully, due to some great career opportunities and the advances of modern technology, it’s not like the 1800s where you might say goodbye forever to a friend or family member moving to ‘The New World’. I’m sure I’ll be back and forth like a transatlantic yo-yo, as much as it pains me to think of all those 10-hour flights. But friendship is worth the guy next to you taking off his shoes and socks during hour 1….almost…..

Speaking of the 1800s - how good is Red Dead Redemption 2?? GOTY? GOTD (decade), boah!!

Anyway, as per usual, I hope dear reader that you have had a wonderful 2018 and that these Christmassy songs raise both you and your family's collective spirits to new heights as you enjoy the festive period. I'm so excited to see where I am when I make 2019's mix. I feel like a change is coming....

Thanks, and Happy Christmas.

Jonathan xo