ChristMixTape 2011

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01 - Harry & Marv - That's Four

02 - blink-182 - I Won't Be Home for Christmas

03 - Brian Setzer Orchestra - Sleigh Ride

04 - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Deck The Halls

05 - Mr. Hector - Insane Guest

06 - Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone

07 - Barenaked Ladies - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen : We Three Kings (Feat. Sarah Mclachlan)

08 - KT Tunstall - Mele Kalikimaka (Christmas In Hawaii)

09 - Stevie Wonder - What Christmas Means To Me

10 - Jackson 5 - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

11 - Harry & Marv - Chicken

12 - Aretha Franklin - Joy To The World

13 - Manic Street Preachers - Ghost of Christmas

14 - Mike Mills and Sally Ellyson - Jesus Christ

15 - John Mayer - St. Patrick's Day

16 - Peter Serafinowicz - Ringo Remembers Christmas 1973

17 - Barenaked Ladies - Do They Know It's Christmas?

18 - Noel Gallagher - Merry Xmas Everyone

19 - Owl City - The Christmas Song

20 - Coldplay - Christmas Lights feat. Gary Barlow (Live from Liverpool)

2011. Another year, another mix tape. I hope my love of this season and all its related gaiety* never grows old, unlike myself. After 2010's year of accelerated musical output, I've found myself recoiling slightly in 2011 and have found it hard to motivate myself to create anything. Hopefully this will change in 2012, so keep watching the skies for new projects. I had a great summer in California, further cementing my love of all things American and my deep desire to spend the rest of my life there, as unlikely as that may be. Zooey's single again; perhaps I should work on another song to woo her by ChristMixTape 2012…. Work is still work, late nights are still late nights. I may need a change soon. Still trying to work out God, still trying not to be so much of a prodigal son. I finally got to see The Eagles play live this year which means if He wants to call me home, I'm now ready to go. There've been some great movies, albums and video games this year, to which I'll no doubt ascribe by making several 'best of' lists over the holidays….

But for now, please go ahead and download this year’s mixtape by clicking these words.

* gai·e·ty also gay·e·ty; n. pl. gai·e·ties also gay·e·ties

1. A state of joyful exuberance or merriment; vivacity.

2. Merry or joyful activity; festivity: making preparations for the holiday gaieties.