Boarding Services

Introducing our Guinea Pig Boarding Services! We know that leaving your beloved guinea pigs behind while you're on vacation can be stressful. That's why our rescue offers reliable and caring boarding services, providing you with peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

When you choose our boarding services, your guinea pigs will be cared for by experienced and compassionate staff who understand their unique needs. We provide a safe and comfortable environment, complete with fresh food, clean bedding, and plenty of attention and playtime.

Rest easy knowing your guinea pigs are in good hands. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, we're here to ensure your pets are happy and well-cared-for in your absence. Contact us to learn more about our boarding services and book your spot today!

Boarding Rates

Regular Rate

$20 flat + $12.50 per night for each guinea pig.

Extended Stays

60 nights or longer: 25% off the total bill.

Multiple Guinea Pig Discount

If you have four or more guinea pigs sharing the same cage, you'll receive a 10% discount on your entire bill when you stay for 5 nights or more. This discount can be combined with the extended stay discount.

Medical Boarding

$25 per day for each guinea pig requiring medical care (this rate is not eligible for discounts).

Includes fluid administration, prescription administration, syringe feeding, and other medical needs during the stay.

(Prescriptions and detailed instructions from your veterinarian must be provided upon drop-off.)

What's Included?

When you board your guinea pigs with us, rest assured that they're in great hands. We offer a safe and comfortable place for them to stay while you enjoy your vacation, ensuring they get the care and attention they need.

During their stay, we provide services to keep them happy and healthy. If needed, we'll give them a haircut, trim their nails, and provide lots of love and attention. You are welcome to bring personal items to help your guinea pigs feel at home, but please avoid bringing fleece bedding or blankets, as these could get lost.

We want your guinea pigs to have the best experience while they're with us.

In-depth look at whats provided with their stay

Housing: Your guinea pig will stay with us in a 8sqft cage or larger with a cozy fleece lining and a house or a hammock. If your guinea pig is sick, it is very important to let us know so we can provide it with easily disposable bedding to prevent any of our other rescues from getting ill. 

Food: Included in their stay your guinea pig will receive unlimited hay & feedings twice daily.

Please let us know in advance if your guinea pig has any dietary restrictions.

Cleaning: Daily spot-cleaning and weekly cage cleaning top-to-bottom. 

​Health Checks:  basic surface health checks, hair cuts and nail clips are FREE and part of the boarding.

Please note: We are not a vet; our health checks are for us to check your guinea pig to see if anything looks like it needs a vet's attention. Please seek veterinary care if anything looks wrong with your pet.

Daily check-ins: We know leaving your precious guinea pig in the hands of others can be nerve-wracking! To bring you peace of mind we will text you daily with an update on how your guinea pig is doing in our care and photos & Videos of their silly activities!

Extra services

 Baths:  For an extra fee, we offer baths for your piggies during their stay so you get clean and soft piggies to take home. This is great if you have a feisty guinea pig that is challenging to bathe! This is an add-on when you make your booking.