PeanutButterPigs Guinea Pig Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming guinea pigs in need. Our mission is to provide these adorable creatures a safe, loving, and nurturing environment while they await their forever homes. 

We are located in Angleton, TX; however, we are striving to service the entire Houston area! 

How we started

Like many other rescues, PeanutButterPigs Guinea Pig Rescue began with a simple yet profound love for animals. It all started when I adopted my first guinea pig, Biscuit, a sweet little friend full of sass and affection. Biscuit's endearing personality and loving nature sparked my passion for these charming creatures.

As Biscuit grew older, she developed a heart condition, and I learned firsthand the level of care that guinea pigs require, especially when facing health challenges. This journey taught me about the specialized attention these animals need and opened my eyes to their vulnerability in rescue situations.

Seeing how much Biscuit enriched my life, I realized I wanted to give back and make a difference for other guinea pigs in need. That's how PeanutButterPigs was born—a rescue dedicated to providing a safe, loving environment for guinea pigs while also ensuring they receive the best possible care.Through our work, we aim to offer guinea pigs a second chance at a happy life. We hope you'll join us on this journey to support and care for these incredible animals.

Meet our Team!

Founder- Lillian Contreras

Crystal Medrano

Charolote Davenport

Pamela Contreras

Meet our Welcoming committee 

Meet our Welcoming Committee! Over the years, we've rescued many guinea pigs, and some of them have become permanent members of our rescue family. These special guinea pigs play a crucial role in helping new arrivals feel more at ease and comfortable in their new environment.

Our Welcoming Committee comprises guinea pigs with friendly personalities and a knack for making others feel right at home. They are the first to greet new rescues and help them adjust to their surroundings. Through gentle interactions and playful antics, they set the tone for a warm and caring atmosphere.

By keeping a few guinea pigs on as permanent residents, we create a sense of stability and familiarity for incoming rescues. It's just one of the many ways we ensure that every guinea pig in our care feels valued and loved. We're excited to introduce you to our amazing Welcoming Committee!

Baby Pig




Gus Gus