PAUMANOK IMR Blockchain Architecture and Advanced Taxonomy for Industry 4.0 Transparency and ESG Compliance

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Paumanok IMR connects the tantalum ecosystem from ore to engineering to capacitor to consumption by key verticals.

INDUSTRY 4.0 Requires participants to have visibility on their material supply chains so that decisions made for the purposes of Ethics, Sustainability or Corporate Governance is done so with complete visibility on the multiple supply chains that supply feedstocks and may be impacted by decisions that affect the entire ecosystem.  For further infomation contact

ESG COMPLIANCE: Paumanok helps clients fully understand the impact of corporate statements on "Ethics, Sustainabaility and Governance" as it relates to passive components because of such a large number of units produced each year and the trainloads of metals, ceramics and plastics required for dielectrics, electrodes, terminations, lead wires and packaging.

BLOCKCHAIN: Paumanok has spent decades research the relationships between raw materials and the production of mass produced passive electronic components and is known for connecting multiple materials and disciplines to create complex structures.  These acrhitectural structures are designed to improve the flow of materials and information. CONTACT:

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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Ecosystems

Paumanok has been engaged in deep dive research on aluminum electrolytic capacitors since 1988.  The technology is fundamental in providing high voltage and high capacitance in a compact footprint.  The chart to the left illustrates the global value of consumption for these key parts by country for the Fiscal Year Ending March 2023.  The latest research on this subject is contained in the study entitled "Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors:World Markets, Technologies & Forecasts: 2023-2028 ISBN # 1-893211-11-8 (2023)."