INSIGHTS: Paumanok IMR publishes INSIGHTS in the form of White Papers on Passive Component Markets, Technologies and Opportunities: 1988-2023

Circuit Prtotection Technology and Market Update Paumanok 2023.pptx

Paumanok IMR Publishes Technology Guide for Circuit Protection Components

A PAUMANOK IMR Presentation on Overvoltage/ESD and Overcurrent Protection

REGIONS 2023.pptx

Paumanok IMR Updates Regional Markets for Electronic Components in FY 2023 

A PAUMANOK IMR Presentation on  Regional Markets for Electronic Components 

END MARKETS 2023.pptx

Paumanok IMR Updates End Markets for Electronic Components in FY 2023 

A PAUMANOK IMR Presentation on  End-Markets for Electronic Components 

Paumanok Insights Into The Industrial End-Use Market Segment ©2021 

Paumanok Insights Into Best Practices for Increasing Profitability ©2019

Paumanok Insights Into High-Temperature Ecosystems ©2021

Paumanok Insights Into Electronic Materials Supply Chains ©2021

Paumanok Insights Into Ruthenium Materials Supply Chain Into Resistors ©2021

Paumanok Insights Into Class II and III MedTech ©2020

Paumanok Insights Into Tantalum Supply Chain ©2011

Paumanok Insights Into Developments in Nickel Electrode Powder and Paste ©2019

INSIGHTS: Paumanok IMR owns hundreds of white papers as digital assets in the 8532 ands 8533 HTS Codes for International Trade and Commerce documebnting key aspects of electronic component and materials developments and their impacts on markets between 1988 and 2023. 100% of these documents have been written by Dennis Zogbi.  For more information contact Dennis Zogbi, CEO of Paumanok, also publishes these INSIGHTS in a venture with Berkshire Hathaway.

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