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CEO, Founder and Research Director-1988-2022

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Market Studies: 1988-2022


Deep Dive Market Studies on Ceramic, Tantalum, Aluminum, Plastic, Carbon and Exotic Capacitor Dielectrics: 1988-Present


Deep Dive Market Studies on Thick Film Chip, Networks, Arrays and Integrated Passive Devices; Nichrome Film, Foil and Wirewound; Tin-Oxide, Carbon and Exotics: 1988-Present


Deep Dive Market Studies on Magnetic Components including Ferrite Beads and Bead Arrays; Ferrite Cores; Ceramic Chip Coil Inductors, Axial and Radial Micro Inductors, Thin Film and Exotic Magnetic Solutions: 1988-Present

Circuit Protection

Deep Dive Market Studies on Metal Oxide Varistor, TVS SAD Diode, Zener Diode, Thyristor; Gas Tubes; Polymeric ESD, Fuses (all types); NTC Thermistors and PTC Thermistors: 1988- Present Day

Raw Materials

Dielectrics, Electrodes, Terminations

Complete Ecosystems for Barium, Titanium, Tantalum, Aluminum, Carbon; Ruthenium, Palladium, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Exotic Materials: 1993-Present Day


Value-Added and Application Specific Passive Components for High-Reliability Applications in High Voltage, High Frequency and High Temperatue Electronics; for Mil-Spec, Space, Civil Aviation, MedTech, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and EVx Propulsion: 2005-Present Day

Cornerstone Research: 1988-2022

Conductive Polymers:

A detailed look at polymer tantalum and aluminum capacitors that employ polythiophene, polypyrole and polyanaline Conductive Polymers to lower Equivalent Series Resistance for rapid release of charge.

EVx Propulsion:

A detailed analysis of capacitor consumption by type and configuration in electric vehicle propulsion for charger, inverter, converter and BMS systems.


Market and Technology Research in High Voltage Components from 300 VAC to 1000 Kilovolts for applications in Power Transmission and Distribution and EVX Propulsion.


This Market and Technology Research is in High Temperature Components from 170 Degrees C to 350 Degrees Ç for applications in space, oil & gas, geothermal and defense electronics.

Nickel Electrodes

This report focuses on Nickel for Multilayered Ceramic Chip Capacitor Electrodes, with emphasis upon transperency on the complete ecosystem and technology breakthroughs enabling higher capacitance and higher voltage chips.

Copper Terminations

This report focuses specifically on consumption value, volume and pricing for Copper (Cu) consumed as a termination material in multilayered ceramic chip capacitors.

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PAUMANOK IMR RAW MATERIAL ECOSYSTEMS {Feedstocks for Dielectrics, Electrodes, Terminations, Lead Frames and Lead Wires} 120 Months of Data

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