Paul Delehanty
Marketing Manager

Paul starts with "what else can I do for the team and leadership?" and focuses on priority and impact. He led multiple functions requiring different skill sets and brought a growth mindset to the team. I appreciate his contribution to our team at Google Cloud Marketing.  

- Emi Wayner, Head of Strategy & Ops, Global Customer Programs, Google Cloud Marketing

Paul is a strategic thinker and problem solver. One of his superpowers is identifying a problem, and building solutions that can scale. Beyond that he brings both a positive attitude and a level of professionalism to everything he sets out to tackle (which always makes executing complex tasks more successful!).

- Meaghan Sullivan, Marketing Customer Programs Lead, Google Workspace Marketing


Paul Delehanty is a Marketing Manager specializing in Content, Customer Marketing, and B2B SaaS Enterprise Software. Paul lives in Saratoga, CA, with his wife, Christine. They have two daughters, enjoy board game puzzles, nerd nites,  and causes with a focus on empowering women.

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