Currently, I am a senior learning experience designer at Western Governors University, previously I was an instructional designer for educational transformation at Strategic Education Inc. working on the development and facilitation of faculty professional development for online delivery and white label course optimization for delivery to partner institutions. Prior to this, I was the coordinator of learning design at RMIT Vietnam, a satellite unit of Australia's largest tertiary academic institution. In addition, I have worked in diverse settings from an international college in South Korea to an NGO in Cambodia to an EdTech startup in New York City that grew out of the charter school world. In addition, I have five years of classroom teaching and two years of online teaching experience with students from age eight to university level in a variety of diverse international settings. I have taught a range of subjects such as ESL, design, media, communication and full English immersion elementary curriculum. These positions have given me the opportunity to put my skills into use while also learning new and important areas of learning support for education.

I have a Master of Education in Media- Instructional Technology and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. I come from a strong technology background as my experience before teaching consisted of technology sales, business management and audiovisual services. In addition, I have worked as a freelancer in various digital media arts such as audio engineering, video production and media design. At various times I have incorporated all of these skills into the educational setting where I have found a generally high level of success. Photography and graphic art are also hobbies of mine so I manage to use these skills in both a professional and personal capacity.

One of the key components of the forward progress of a society is access to education. As the world has become a connected technical society, technology does and will increasingly factor into educational programs as it becomes a survival skill in the global economic market to be proficient in a range of technology tools. It is for these reasons that online learning and educational technologies greatly appeal to me.