Welcome to OurCarnoustie

This website will provide you with additional information about Carnoustie with access to key information about local groups and organisations that you may find useful. In time we will also add an events calendar, useful maps and images / videos taken during local events.

Feel free to visit our Facebook page for up to date news, views and events. We'd encourage you to be active on the page by commenting on posts or click 'LIKE' to feedback. The more you do this the more likely you will see our posts (because of the way the Facebook algorithms work).

We also have a YouTube Channel which features almost 100 videos of various events which have taken place in and around Carnoustie.

OurCarnoustie have had a presence on Social Media for 10 years this December (2019) so to celebrate our big birthday we've been working hard this year to map all historic images of Carnoustie and the local area that we've managed to get our hands on. This map is now available to access by going to the OC Photo Map view on Google Maps. You can read more about the project on the Interactive Image Map page.

We have recently created a Google Map of all public access defibrillators in Carnoustie, hopefully you'll never need it!

We're also building a database of volunteers who might be able to help out larger organisations in Carnoustie when large community events take place. These would be events such as the Gala, Torchlight Parade, Xmas Light switch on etc... If you're interested in adding your name then visit the page to read more about the list.

We're always keen to hear your feedback on what you'd like or don't. Any comments can be directed to ourcarnoustie@gmail.com or you can message us via the Facebook page.

Many thanks