Being able to make historic images of Carnoustie and its notable people more interactive has always been a long term goal of OurCarnoustie but it's only recently that we've managed to put some time aside to create our Interactive Image Map using Google Maps.

Now we've finally completed this task. The public map now contains hundreds of photographs, maps and old documents that we've managed to access over the last 10 years.

Included are photographs taken showing street views, the sea front, buildings, places and people. There are also a number of maps to help show where the place or building was located and how landuse has changed over time.

You can NOW access this map by visiting the Old Carnoustie Photos view in Google Maps.

For a better viewing experience we suggest using something like a tablet or laptop as the photographs will be easier to view.

We'll continue to add new images and any other updates that you may be able to provide so keep visiting the map for new images and content.

We intend to continue to add to this map so future generations can look back to see what Carnoustie was like throughout history.

Let us know what you think or tell us if we have anything wrong by emailing

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