Prof. Orly Goldwasser

Institute of Archaeology and the Ancient Near East,
Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Honorary Professor University of Göttingen

"Best of BAR" award for 2009-2010

Research and teaching interests:

  • Definition of the role of linguistic registers in New Kingdom texts

  • The classifier system of the Egyptian hieroglyphs and its parallelism to other classification systems in various languages of the world

  • The genesis of the alphabet through the Egyptian hieroglyphs

  • Semiotics of the Egyptian pictorial scripts

  • Comparative studies of classifier systems- Egyptian, Chinese, Sumerian

  • Socio-Linguistic issues in the grammar of Ramesside Egyptian

  • Hieratic and hieroglyphic inscriptions in Canaan

  • Canaanite-Egyptian relations during the Late Bronze Age

Teachings and positions in other institutes:

  • Göttingen University

  • Visiting Professor, Harvard University, Boston, 2005.

  • Professor de Collège de France, Paris: Invited lecture series “quatre leçons.” Paris, 2007.

  • Visiting Professor at Collegium de Lyon - Institute for Advanced Study c/o ENS Lettres et sciences humaines, Lyon, 2012.

  • Visiting Professor at the University of Mainz. Mainz, 2015.

  • Reviewer, School of Advanced Studies, Princeton

Former functions

  • Co-editor of the series - Classification and Categorization in Ancient Egypt, Göttinger Orientforschoungen IV. Reihe Ägypten 38 (Harrassowitz Verlag)

  • Vice chair, European COST Action A31 "Stability and Adaptation of Classification Systems in Cross-Cultural Perspective" (scientific committees, conferences planning and organization, various lectures)

  • Representative of Israel in the International Association for Semiotic Studies