Resource HUB

Welcome to the Or Haneshamah Resource Hub!

This is our hub with how-to's - the resources to guide you in organizing and hosting the ritual events at Or Haneshamah.

This is a living website, a library meant to grow, with members adding resources as events take place and open for adjustments as needed. The site will remain simple and clear, and the how-to's easy for anyone to use.

Your team co-ordinators will be behind the scenes helping you out. Together, we'll be the Many Hands it takes to make our ritual events happen. Thank you for being a part of this important resource.


Members who have been leading our events for years have prepared the how-to's offered here. They did so in the spirit of mentoring, grounded in our commitment to ledor vador, from generation to generation, what we've always done.

With our teams and the resources offered here to support them, the Many Hands initiative is underpinning our community to grow and still be vibrant and intimate true to our havurah roots.

On this site you will find

You will find:

NB: the intention is to have specific how-to's for all the core ritual events that teams will host (Shabbat, Tishrey services and Festivals e.g. Hannukah) plus others when members step up. Some are in place now, the rest members will create with their team coordinators as the events take place.

Ready now is the set of generic resources that can apply to any event e.g. how to communicate/promote an event, how to access the building at Cleary Avenue, or submit invoices/receipts.

The how-to's, the ones ready now and those to come, are "evergreen" so that we can add to them or change them to reflect our current approaches and interests.

This site itself is a work in progress, so give us feedback through your team coordinator on what's working, what's missing and what needs to go.