Meet the Team

Dr Susan Swanston

Dr Swanston is a GP and Low Carb Nutrition specialist and has immersed herself in the science of weight loss for the last 8 years. Her practice has evolved over that time to be more diet focused, with support for low carb, Keto, carnivore and fasting approaches. She has experienced very positive results in terms of patient weight loss and remission of diabetes. She recommends these nutrition strategies for many other conditions and strongly believes them to be the healthiest and most natural diet for humans. It is the way our ancestors would have eaten and she encourages her patients to embrace this lifestyle change to find a healthier version of themselves.  Dr Swanston possesses the ability to break down the most complex nutrition processes into language that is easy to understand.  Her 'education first' approach empowers people to make smart food choices because they learn how certain foods impact negatively on energy levels, immunity and long-term health.  Armed with this knowledge, people can then change to healthy and delicious food that provides energy to enjoy life and protects them from disease.  She is passionate about empowering people to learn this important nutritional information and share it with others to create healthier communities.  Dr Swanston is a member of Low Carb Down Under, a group of outstanding Australian Doctors who advocate for healthy nutrition strategies to improve health and longevity.  Dr Swanston specialises in Diabetes Type two, Gestational Diabetes, Gout, Gut health, Gynaecology, Heart disease, Insulin Resistance, Lipoedema, Menopause, PCOS, Post-bariatric surgery, Post-natal care, Pre-Diabetes, Pre-natal care, Weight loss

Don McKay

Don McKay is a Health and Wellbeing Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Author, Keynote Speaker, nutrition geek, avid learner/experimenter and student of everything to do with optimal health and resilience.  His combination of work and life experience in challenging and diverse areas brings a unique 'skill stack' to his passion; aggregating health, resilience and wellbeing strategies to help people get the most out of their professional and personal life.

Don has worked in Law Enforcement for 36 years and has 28 years of experience in middle and senior management roles.  Specifically, his experience revolves around leading and managing specialist multi-discipline teams undertaking complex high-risk operations.  He has a Master of Professional Studies (High Performance and Resilience Strategies) from the University of Southern Queensland and a Diploma in Public Safety (Policing).  Don is also a Certified Primal Health Coach through the Primal Health Coach Institute.  Don has 30 years of training experience and is an engaging presenter and experienced facilitator.  He has designed and delivered specialist training packages in Critical Incident Decision Making for Paramedics, Paramedic Students, Nursing Students and Non-government Organizations (NGO) employees for Central Queensland University (CQU) Cairns Campus. He has also designed and delivered interactive professional development workshops for staff and students across a broad range of organizations with participants ranging from Students to Senior Managers and Executive Staff.  In 2017, Don started 'My Evolution Coaching and Consulting' to provide a platform to reach and support more people, businesses, and organizations to continue the important conversation around high performance and resilience. Since March 2019, he has delivered My Evolution High Performance People Workshops to over 2600 people across a broad range of industries in Queensland.