What if 92% of your Team got healthier from participating in the Optimal Health Program? 

Just imagine what happens in a workplace where employees are healthier, happier and performing better.   We have a solution ready to go for your Business or Organisation that is ready to be delivered right now.  You can choose the training that you want today.

Self Paced Program

28 Day Self Paced Transformation Program that your staff can start at any time.  Timing and momentum are the key ingredients in behaviour change.  Staff can commence this self-paced training at any time and start embedding the strategies for optimal health and performance immediately.

Keynotes and Workshops

Energetic and highly engaging Keynotes, workshops and multi day training courses.  We have a solution for all of your resilience and wellbeing needs.  We will have your Team buzzing with actionable strategies.

12 Month Program

The Optimal Health Program is designed to support the health, resilience and wellbeing of your Employees over the long term.  We offer 12 months of coaching and support for staff and their families.  We run 4 x 8-week courses throughout the year so staff can bounce in and out of the training cycle as they need.  15 minutes a day is all that is needed.

Resilience and Wellbeing Training delivered the Right Way

Building organisation resilience has a two-pronged benefit. Increased resilience underpins continual improvement in operational performance, productivity, and service delivery. Increased individual resilience builds the capacity of staff to navigate psychosocial hazards and stressors in the workplace. Psychological injuries in the workplace are prevalent and costly. According to the "Workers' Compensation Scheme Statistics 2020-21" report from the Queensland Government, the average cost of one psychological injury claim in the financial year 2020-21 was $35,527 and Safe Work Queensland report more than a third of workers with a psychological injury are away from work for more than 130 days.

Then Optimal Health Program is the plug-in and long-horizon solution for the health and wellbeing of your staff.  The Optimal Health Program brings together the best of both worlds in health and well-being, featuring Dr Susan Swanston's scientifically-proven Health and Nutrition Program and the evidence-based High Performance People Program by Health and Wellbeing Coach (HWC) Don McKay. This is a fantastic opportunity to elevate your people's health, resilience and well-being to new heights!  The Optimal Health Program has a proven and highly effective Resilience and Well-being strategy for your people (and their families). We advocate the best resilience, health and performance strategies we can find and shape the concepts for your workplace. We deliver 4 x 8 week courses over 12 months (Yes - 32 weeks of training), for an employee and their family for the one low cost of $260 per employee.  We can onboard your people at any time. 

Get a tailored Resilience and Wellbeing Program for your Organsition started today by 

Emailing info@optimalhealthprogram.com.au or call Don McKay on 0488593684!