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OPT-86 bank account number

FI91 1510 3500 0362 02

OPT-86 MobilePay 32946

OPT-86 can be found from Smartum, Edenred, Eazybreak and ePassi

General email address of the club

Chairman, coach Teemu Oinas / +358504858200

Executive director, Seppo Hiltunen / +358409387338

Reserve a table from Ratamotie table tennis hall. Price 10€ / person / day. Price applies for whole day of hall usage, free play, use of table tennis robots and using the hall gym. There are plenty of table tennis rackets and balls in the hall for free use. Members of the club will help you get started.

This is how it works:

Contact us via email and let us know when you are planning to come to play. If you do not get response within one hour, then please send Whatsapp message to +358504858200. Please note that our club organization is small and we are usually busy during week days between 4-8PM because of coached junior sessions. If possible, please always book your reservation the day before you are coming to the hall. It's always possible to move the reservation to different day free of charge on case your schedules change suddenly.

Pay 10€ / person to OPT-86 via bank transfer, MobilePay 32946 (note that payment to OPT-86), SmartumPay, Edenred, ePassi or Eazybreak and send copy of receipt to us

We will send you door code to Ratamotie table tennis hall and instructions on practicalities

We sell also 30 day access rights to the hall for price of 60€. Access 30 days starts from the day of purchase.

Membership fees

Adults: 100€ / season (1.9. - 31.8.)

After 1.1. 70€, after 1.4. 40€

Juniors under 18 years 40€ / season (1.9. - 31.8.)

After 1.1. 25€, after 1.4. 15€

Training facility payment 50€ / month / household (discount is possible, application needs to be sent to OPT-86 board, reason could be pension, unemployment or full time studying)

Training facility payment for players who are not members of OPT-86 60€ / month / person, or one day payment of 10€ / day / person

Club members who are full time students and who do not live at their parents get the monthly payment at half price, 25€ / month / person

Regarding unemployment the prices are following:

If member of the club is unemployed, but is receiving union allowance the price is 35€ / month / household

If member of the club is unemployed and is only entitled to basic unemployment benefit the price is 25€ / month / person

Training facility payment allows access to own key code to Ratamotie table tennis hall

Please note that club sends email invoice for membership feels and training facility payments

Ask for further details.



Training is possible at Ratamotie table tennis hall 24/7, club members have own Whatsapp-group where training times are agreed and discussed

Coached adult trainings with cost of 5€ / training until end of June on Tuesdays 16.00 - 17.30 and Wednesdays 19.00 - 20.30

Juniors (coached):

Table tennis school to learn basics, Tuesdays and Thursdays 17.30-18.30 in Ratamotie table tennis hall starting from 12.1.2021

Table tennis coaching for advanced juniors every week day 17.30-19.00 in Ratamotie table tennis hall starting from 11.1.2021

Table tennis coached hobby club for juniors Tuesdays and Thursdays 19.00-21.00 in Ratamotie table tennis hall starting from 12.1.2021

Up to date training information always in Nimenhuuto, ask for access rights