2017 Rules (Updated 30/05/2017)

Below are the rules in detail for this year’s “OPERATION TWILIGHT which has been running since 2009 and has gone from strength to strength - The Evasion exercise is great fun and open to all Scouts, Explorers and Leaders.

Twilight is a full day event – Registration is from c.8.30am and finishes c.9.30pm. Teams must be self-sufficient and carry enough food and water for the day.

A Scout Team must consist of invested Scouts only, and an Explorer team must consist of invested Explorer Scouts only. Mixed teams of Scouts and Explorer Scouts are not permitted.

Each Scout team must include 1 adult who counts within the max 6 members.

During the event, Team Members can retire, providing that the Team strength does not fall below 4, and the retiring members have been safely picked up by the organisers or a catching team. Any Team wishing to retire a member will not lose a life and will be given 30 minutes catcher-free time. In event of retirement, the team MUST notify the Twilight Organizers by using the emergency numbers provided on the team card, and can ONLY go home after being permitted by the Twilight Team.

Anyone wearing a Hi Vis jacket cannot catch teams, they are Safety Marshals.

Each Team Member MUST clearly display the statutory Day-Glo tape on their rucksack handle or strap.

Each Team will carry a life card with 10 lives. Loss (or mutilation) of the life card will mean the Team cannot be placed in the results.

On registration, teams are required to provide the name of a nominated Team Leader who will take responsibility for the actions of the Team. The Mobile numbers of all team members will be asked for at registration for safety reasons only. Please ensure all mobiles are fully charged.

All Teams are running at the discretion of their Explorer Scout / Scout Leader who will be expected to respond to any complaints received concerning any of their team. The organiser will disqualify any Team that does not follow good Scouting or hiking practice.


An equipment list accompanies these rules. It is the responsibility of the team that each team member carries the essential items highlighted in the equipment list. Essential team equipment will also be carried by each team. Misuse of the emergency number by teams will lead to immediate disqualification.

WALKING BOOTS MUST HAVE ANKLE SUPPORT. Any competitor who turns up with footwear without ankle support will be not allowed to start the event

Teams will receive random kit checks through the course of the day to make sure teams are still carrying the appropriate kit and not off loaded it at the start. These will be carried out by the organizers of the event.


All teams will be requested to check in via text at set times throughout the day. This allows our control room to monitor the team’s whereabouts throughout the day. This is to ensure that the teams are safe and are capable of finishing within the allocated times.

Anyone group found giving false location data on purpose will be disqualified.


Catchers MUST register 10 Days BEFORE the event. Catching Teams can only use ONE VEHICLE PER CATCHING TEAM. The Registration of this vehicle will be on the Catcher card. If the vehicle registration number and Catcher Card does not match then the catcher cannot take the life. The minimum age for a Catcher is 18 and all catchers must be registered at the start. “Catching Teams” will consist of no more than 4 people including spotters, and no less than 2 people. Catching Teams CANNOT have ‘Spotters’ or any variation of this word under the age of 18 years.

Drivers of the Catching Vehicle must have held a full UK Driving Licence for a minimum of 3 years. Every Catcher must have a current role and DBS (CRB) in Scouting.

Drivers are also advised that they are driving on their own insurance cover. Mountain Bikes, Motorbikes and Quad-Bikes or equivalent may not be used.

A Catcher is also a Twilight Marshall. As such they will have a hi-viz vest, Day-Glo tape displayed on their upper left arm; have a timepiece (e.g. Watch, Mobile etc), a pen, and a Catcher’s Card. The catching team should also carry at least 5 litres of water, a first aid kit, maybe some sweets and a sense of humour. Catcher’s Vehicles must also prominently display Day-Glo tape somewhere (aerial, wing mirrors). Any team who does not possess all these items cannot catch.

As marshals, catchers are expected to help and encourage Teams, as well as catch. They must follow the same code of conduct and good Scouting practice as the Teams themselves. They are also there to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants. Any catcher wearing a Hi Vis Jacket CANNOT CATCH or use this as an advantage to lure teams towards them.


A Team is caught when the ruck sack of a team member is tagged (under no circumstances are a team member to be Rugby tackled or handled in any nature of this sort). The Catcher and the running team each have 2 minutes to present their cards. If the running team has not surrendered their life card by this time they will be disqualified. If the catcher team have not shown their card then the running team can escape. The Catcher will mark the life card with his/her name and the time caught. The Catcher will also record the catch on his/her own card. The team has 30 minutes from that time to escape. During this period the team cannot be caught by any catcher, or by members of the same catching team for a further 1 hour. Catchers must not trail teams or add on any time to the teams because they have plenty of time to get away.

Catcher cards will not be issued to catchers until 1 hour after the teams have been released from the start, and therefore catching cannot start until that 1 hour has lapsed.

If a catching team picks up a retired team or a retired member, they cannot catch again until the member or team is dropped with the emergency vehicle. Catching teams must carry water at all times (suggest 5 litres per team). If a team has approached a catcher/marshal, or has been approached by a catcher/marshal with a legitimate safety reason then the team cannot be caught for 30 minutes once the issue is resolved. This should be marked on the card.


Twilight is a hike across country using public footpaths and common ground only. Remember to “Follow the Country Code” at all times. Do not trespass on private land. Any Team or Catcher found trespassing will be disqualified. If you get lost and stray onto private land, you must move off immediately. If challenged, the utmost courtesy and diplomacy is essential. Remember, you are members of the Scout Association, and should therefore act appropriately, particularly if meeting members of the public who may be worried by your presence near their property.

Event boundaries will be notified at the start. Any team crossing these boundaries will be disqualified.

Teams should plan their routes to avoid roads. If you have to use a road, always wear the hi-viz jacket and walk towards oncoming traffic and single file. At night, the team must wear their hi-viz jackets and shine a torch on the ground at the front and rear to warn motorists. Do not shine torches at drivers. Never run down or across roads. Any team accepting lifts or entering private property will be retired. Teams must be totally self sufficient and not receive any external help for the length of the event. Any Team or Member of a team will be DISQUALIFIED if they are caught entering or leaving Shops, Chip shops/Take a ways or Petrol Stations etc.

Railways, rivers, canals and motorways must be crossed using recognised crossing places only. Rivers and canals may not be waded or swam.

REMINDER – this is a map and compass exercise, Leaders and Explorers should be competent. Whilst apps are available on smart phones they should be for emergency use only. OS Locate for iphones and Grid Reference on Android.


Teams can be caught while crossing bridges.


All teams must finish between 20:30 hrs and 20:50 hrs. These two times will be signalled by a rocket or other means. Catching stops at 20:30hrs. Any Team finishing after 20:50 hrs is out of time. Teams are not allowed into the finishing area before 20.30pm. Any Team caught in this area will be DISQUALIFIED. Hot drinks & hot dogs will be available for all the teams as the results are calculated.

Any teams that are more than 3k from the finish at 19.50 run the risk that they may be retired by the Control Room.


The winning Team will be the Team that arrives at the finish within the time window, with the least lives lost. In the event of a tie (ie zero lives lost or same number of lives lost) then the winner will be decided by the following sequence:

  • Zero lives lost - Earliest arrival at the finish within the time window
  • Equal lives lost – the team who has gone the longest amount of time from the start without losing their first life

The Catching Team with the highest points total will be the winner. Lives have the following value:

  • 1st / 8 points
  • 2nd / 4 points
  • 3rd / 2 points
  • 4th to 10th / 1 point

Trophies will be awarded as follows:

  • Winning Scout Team
  • Winning Explorer Scout Team
  • Best Catching Team

Any disputes should be raised immediately with the OT Management Team. Contact details for the organizers will be found on the reverse of both Team and Life cards. The Twilight Chief will address this and make a decision on the evidence provided. This decision is FINAL.


All adults in Scouting when they register with either their teams or as catchers on the day will be given a copy of the Scout Associations “Yellow Card” which defines and sets out the associations policy to safeguard the welfare of all members by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm. The guidance given within the “Yellow Card” must be put into practice and used at all times.

In addition, all adults participating in the event (be it running with a team, catching, or providing some other service) must be DBS (CRB) cleared by the Scout Association. All adults will be checked against a list of registered people in the County. No registration, no participation – our hands are tied.

Each team must provide an In Touch contact for the day and that person cannot be taking part in any way in the event.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.